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Lair of the Wendigo by NyxenAvenger Lair of the Wendigo by NyxenAvenger
It had been a long evening hunting the Wendigo, the two had searched the woods and the snowy plains all throughout. It was only when they returned back did a single tech merchant rush up to them for their help, his robotic arm had been violently chewed off by a great creature so it was worth taking his word. He pointed them towards the underground bunker he and his fellow tech junkies were salvaging from, when they entered through the cavern they saw them all sitting around the place. Without salvaging these people were almost reduced to insanity, for it was a drug for them to bring back the old technologies of those who lived here before.

Isabeth jumped through the hole and onto the metallic floor below, she looked up and grabbed the falling old man with her hand. She admired his enthusiasm for the hunt even if his body was not built like it was those many years ago, out of all the humans in the world Taskmaster was the only one she had respect for. They were veterans of the great wars, and they fought together and drank together. Even after the years had passed they would still hunt together.

The old man dusted himself off and loaded the bullets into his double-barrel shotgun. Weary, but excited.

"The old bunker, heard this place has a hundred years' worth of tech."

"I smell death, is here."
The large wendigan sniffed around, she noticed the distinct smell of rusted steel and blood. Her footsteps reverberated through the bunker, it did not matter if she was silent or not for the wendigo would come for them both eventually, if what her husband said was true.

"Part of me wished I could have been a tech merchant, at least then I would have better legs." He grumbled as he rubbed the side of his shotgun against his ailing leg, men his age would've retired to the wheelchair. But not him, he was raised a soldier and by hell he would die a soldier.

"If I know you, you would replace entire body with robot body. Taskmaster, people's cranky robot does not roll off tongue well."
She smirked, her ears twitched as a sound responded from the darkness of the hall. A click, almost like knuckles cracking together.

Two clicks.

No, three clicks. The demon and the old man paced slowly through the ruins of the bunker, with every step the clicking sounds turned into distorted growls, if you stopped for a brief moment you could make out the whistling-like noises amidst the breathing.

Her ears twitched as she tried to pinpoint the wendigo's location, but it seemed to throw its voice around in such a dark place. When she looked left it growled to the right, when she looked right it growled to the left. There was no mistake, this was a smart one. Mindless my ass, she thought as she unsheathed her axe from behind. Taskmaster held up his shotgun, ready to fire at will.

Then, silence. 

"The fuck is it?"
The old man muttered under his metal mask.

A drop of black liquid fell down right in front of them, Isabeth was the first to notice. She slowly looked up to see that the monstrous figure behind them had sneakily passed their detection, it would have been a perfect ambush if it wasn't for whatever the hell was dripping from its black teeth. 

It was huge, slightly bigger than the great demon and even bore similar grey skin. Half of its face had been clawed away at, leaving nothing but bloody muscle behind. The transformation had grown its muscle to the point that it was starting to rip apart it's skin. The right arm had been completely transformed into a pulsating bone sword, with spikes jutted out from the red pulpy flesh. The chest was fully exposed, revealing a rib cage with gooey membrane behind it. What was once Tiana was no more, save for the ripped lab coat which it wore like a skirt.

Without hesitation the creature lunged at them both, the old man fired his gun at the monster which only grazed its long arm. The wendigo raised its fist in anger at Taskmaster, ready to turn into a mass of bloody pulp. But Isabeth grabbed onto the beast and used her axe to put it into a choke hold, as far as she was concerned Tiana had challenged her to see who was the strongest in the land. A title she would keep after she had beat its brains in and burnt its corpse, the demon punched the back of the wendigo's head repeatedly as the old man regained his sense and fired at it once more. This time the shot hit the brittle rib cage, smashing it to pieces as the gooey membrane deflated.

Angered by the intruders, the wendigo reached from behind and grabbed the wendigan's horn, and with a single burst of sheer strength it flung her towards the old man where it could kill her up front. Isabeth, with the taste of battle on her lips gestured to Taskmaster to find higher ground. She grabbed the axe and roared at the beast, to which it screamed back and stamped its blackened feet. 

It understood the challenge and lunged forwards, its sword-like appendage flailing wildly as the demon prepared her first blow.





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Oh that is a face only a mother would love
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