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It's Like Kneading Dough Right? by NyxenAvenger It's Like Kneading Dough Right? by NyxenAvenger
When they had reached the upper floors of the tower Augus found that there were many residents gnawing and chewing throughout, it did not take long for Augus to wipe them clean off the face of the world. Deima simply had to stand back and walk around as the robust lord demolished room after room with hell fire, laughing maniacally as she went. There was something to admire with her lord, for at least she was enthusiastic about battle. After the carnage had died down she returned, her suit had been coated in blood and torn by claws. The energy was still present as she searched for a place to rest and regain composure, fortunately thanks to another case of her bodyguard headbutting the wall they had found exactly that.

"My suit, ruined by those fiends! God damn lucky that this is only a dream, otherwise I'd be fucking angrier than I am now!"  Augus lamented her torn suit, she slowly unbuttoned it and threw it off onto the edge of the luxury bed. Her stomach jutted forward and moved around like a miniature water bed, Deima could not help but look at it with worry upon her face.

"Boss, are you really wanting to remove suit? You might get...injured." She reasoned, which prompted the overlord to reply with a loud laugh. She marched up to the wendigan and stared her deep into the eye, trying not to take notice that her bulging corpulence was cramped up against her broad chest.

"Nonsense, I'm an overlord! I can survive a good few scraps with or without my clothing." She sat back onto the lush bed and slowly exhaled a calm breath as she dusted off the remaining blood on her horns. A low, sludgy groan emanated from her middle, almost to the point where her bodyguard could see the vibrations. 

"Guh, all of this bloodshed has built up my appetite. We'll rest here, get a bite and continue the bloodshed after." She groaned as she got up to look for a fridge nearby, Deima sat onto the bed and noticed that whomever slept here had left a rather huge cooked cheese sandwich on a tiny table next to her.

It would be a shame to waste it, Deima thought as she grabbed the large hunk of bread and meat. She promptly took a large bite out of it, relishing the fine meat and mature cheese inside. Augus returned from her venture and sat right next to her, ignoring how their thighs moulded into each other. She brought several plates full of hairy, ravenous, ball-like creatures with her, and had stuffed one into her maw at that moment

"What are those?" Deima asked as Augus toyed around with another one by bouncing it on her large gut like a tennis ball.

"These? They're gramites, didn't expect to find them here but what the hell. They're a delicacy back in my home country, mainly reserved as offerings for overlords or upper class demons. Incredibly sweet and savoury if you can stomach the sharp teeth. They increase your magical capabilities if one is of that type, which I am." Augus explained as she ripped another gramite in half, sucking out it's innards madly as her appetite demanded more. Deima nodded in understanding.

"You must have ate a lot then, you have conjured up pretty big spells while I have been here." Augus smirked as she laid back onto the bed, her head turned sideways so as to accommodate her horns.

"Of course, when I ascended to the status of overlord everyone would just offer them to me as tribute. In return I would spare their lives and their families, offer demonic power blah blah and so on. I consumed them and went on my business, but as my power grew so did my...figure. The countless offerings of gramites bloated my figure until it became the shape you now see it in, I'm not sure if it's really a hindrance but I have two minds to slim this down to my former self." Deima's eyes widened before snapping back at her lord.

"No! I would not look good." Deima sheepishly toned down her voice as her lord sat back up, she did not know why that had prompted her to respond like that. But now her lord was inquisitively peering at her like a vulture upon a rotted corpse.

"Oh really now? What makes you think I shouldn't?" Deima sighed before rubbing the bridge of her nose, she would need a good explanation for this.

"In my life I have learned few things from mother, but most basic one is that the bigger you get the more intimidating you look. You are overlord, your figure...shows power and wealth opposed to ones below you. It would make you look weak if you did such thing, and you do not want to look weak among powerful people." Augus sat back, her face full of mixed emotions. It was then that Deima started to notice the overlord aspect of Augus slipping away to reveal a bit more of her true self.

"I-I didn't know you thought of it that way. Thanks, I suppose." Stuttering, she had never heard her overlord stutter ever. Augus looked down as she pressed her claws next to eachother, the awkward silence was unbearable. The lord looked back at Deima, her heart beat ever faster as she considered giving Deima something useful to do while they were here.

"Hey, are you good at massages?" She asked.

"I have kneaded dough." Deima nonchalantly replied, prompting the demon lord's cheeks to blush a soft shade of red.

"Yes that counts, while we're here could you massage my stomach? No one knows how to do it right with me, I-I was wondering if you'd like to have a go." Deima looked at Augus with interest, before consuming the remainder of the sandwich. 

"Uh, sure." Deima sat behind Augus, wrapping her legs against hers. With steady and nervous hands she gripped the cold flesh on her sides, the overlord let out a gasp of air as her bodyguard started to slither her fingers against her engorged and bloated middle. Her hands firmly squeezed the front of the gut, causing her lord's cheeks to blush brighter than before. Deima could feel the heat against her face as she leaned forward, resting her chin upon the cold shoulder as she continued kneading the supple flesh. She gave a small moan for it felt invigorating to be handled this way.

"Mmm, that feels so good Luvenka, such firm hands!" Slightly incensed at being called by her first name, she cupped her hands along the vast corpulence as she forced the overlord to lean back with her. Her warm breath brushed gently against the lord's neck, causing her to bite on her lower lip as the sense of fabricated helplessness filled her entire being.

"If there's a shower around...could we continue this there? I t-think you would perform much better if there was more of my flesh to go around-" Augus placed her hands on Deima's wrists, the wendigan snapped out from her duty and stared at the overlord with confusion.

"What?" She questioned, Augus' eyes widened, for she knew she had let forbidden words slip. Breaking out into a sweat she jumped out from the hold, laying next to the side of Deima on the bed. 

"I MEAN WARM WATER AND MASSAGES WILL IMPROVE MY DEMONIC POWERS!" She shouted, before Deima could reply a ominous glow appeared from the open window. The two looked at the source and saw that it was a giant purple eye, cosmic and dreadful in appearance. With a thunderous roar the roof of the room was torn off and upon their eyes they saw a horrendous being, large and tall with a gaping maw with rows upon rows of jagged spikes stretching across it's many malformed faces.

They had came across the terrible Lord of the Dream.


New story piece as Deima and Augus take a break from the carnage and get to know eachother quite a bit more as they continue to bond!

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