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It's A Prototype by NyxenAvenger It's A Prototype by NyxenAvenger
The labs were vast and gigantic places, each one containing a variety of strange experiments done by the resident brainpriests. Acauldrus was amazed by the whole spectacle, it seemed like the countless mortal experiments Xyr did on Midrealm were child's play compared to the countless screaming mortal guinea pigs used for the brainpriests' own devices. She slithered towards a floating room in the middle of it all, thinking that Xyr would be most likely to be there. She crossed over the bone bridges holding the large structure together. The main entrance was slightly covered in cobweb, and dust came off her tentacles as she moved around. The walls were covered in holes, and in each hole was strange ancient scratchings, each glowing a bright purple. 

Acauldrus felt a clawed hand rest upon her shoulder, she looked to the side to see Xyr right next to her, looking up towards the ancient purple scratchings.

"Grandfather had a strange language, but it was nice having his laws of physics and reality around. Made me feel like I was continuing his work in a way." It was strange hearing Xyr speak so softly. A strange squelching and moaning sound was heard around the place, wet footsteps were heard.

"Oh don't worry, that's my assistant. He took care of this place when I left, made sure that my experiments were kept intact much to the irritation of father." The assistant revealed itself, a tall creature with three human heads, each one having an eye coming out the mouth, it's fused brain was exposed. It's skin was brown and pulled together like fleshy cling film. A parody of the human body, it twitched around as it moved, tapping the bulbous buttons with it's little appendages. Acauldrus looked to see Xyr smiling with pride, something she rarely witnessed.

"Speaking of experiments, your dad said you had prototypes locked away in here when you left. Are they still around?"

"You want to take a look don't you? Don't worry I heard about it all, strike force and all that."

"How did you know?"

"You don't realise that word of mouth passes quickly in the Hive Fortress, from the bottom to the top, no rumour is left unspoken of around here. Very well, I have one prototype in mind that will help you get to the Malecendum easier, just wait here for a moment." Xyr quickly slid off to the upper chambers of her lab, seconds later a lot of clanking and smashing noises were heard. Xyr returned with a strange weapon in her claws. She presented it Acauldrus who grasped it with wonder present in her face.

"You ever held a gun before?"

"Twice, yes."

"Then this will be easy to use, it's called a Pl'hasma Pistol. A weapon that is capable of firing silent but powerful energy bolts, it's the most perfect stealth weapon I've ever made, just use it wisely. Because it runs out of ammo easily." Xyr explained as she grabbed a small plate with a blue jelly cube from her assistant and promptly devoured it, savouring the taste of the madman's juice.

"This is surreal Xyr, I thought everything could be solved here by hand-to-hand combat."

"It won't save you against the countless demon hordes inside, if there are any to begin with. If you succeed you better honour your part of the deal." In the distance a horn blared out, the time had come. Acauldrus looked towards Xyr for the last time.

"Do you know where the barracks is? Your dad never told me."

"Dad can be a dick, it's right next to the labs, just go east there should be a large bridge there. Cross it and you're there." Acauldrus turned around and began to leave through the entrance, but the same clawed hand touched her shoulder again, she turned to look Xyr who had a fleeting look of concern upon her face.

"Acauldrus... just be careful out there."


Acauldrus gets a new weapon from Xyr to help her on her way!

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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Weapon Upgrade Achieved!
matarenzos Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
Sooooo you show your true form 
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015
I love Acauldrus's face here. She looks so cute here. P.S. That weapon looks so badass.
Raphus-Wyvernus Featured By Owner Edited Oct 25, 2015   General Artist
Is Acauldrus going to ride some kind of demon dinosaur into battle? Because that would nstantly double the awesomeness factor.
StretchTagger Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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