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Into the Giganta by NyxenAvenger Into the Giganta by NyxenAvenger
The cold winds brushed against Isabeth's hair as the hovertruck travelled across the misty, snow covered tundra. An amalgamation of Soviet era machinery and long lost advanced technology, this vehicle was often used to traverse the land fast and quick and sported some of the finest weapons Sentinel Peak had to offer. This was the militia's favourite, but the coating of green indicated that this was Taskmaster's personal vehicle. It even had a rather comfy couch in the back, crudely bolted on and plenty of gashes on the sides but it was comfort nonetheless. 

Taskmaster was resting on the demon's arm, eyes closed and heavily breathing through the ventilators in his mask. Though he was a soldier in spirit his body was not, it had been years since she saw him run around. She hoped that this mission would be as simple as a slice of pie, with a few fine soldiers at the front of the truck they would be well prepared for any...interruptions.

"The old man did not take his morning meds today, he is always a twat with it. Always have to shove them down his respirator before he grabs his shotgun!" A laugh followed as Isabeth looked up to the opposite side of the truck. A young face popped up, topped with short chestnut hair and a smile of an insane boxer, two deep scars had been drawn down her left cheek. The only people who looked like that were Taskmaster's kids, the demon rubbed her chin and puzzled over the girl's identity, was that the one who got married and the reception turned into a bar fight...she knew who it was, the gunner girl.

"Is Nika?" Nika pulled out a small tub filled with red beads and rested her arms onto the side, not taking into account that she could fall to a gruesome death from the sidecar at this speed. She was well built for her age, with muscle bound arms and a slightly bulky figure. It was obvious who she was idolising, the demon thought.

"Who else is going to make sure father does not have a fit halfway through mission? Here, take these and shove them into his mask while he's out of it!" She chucked the tub at the wendigan, who grabbed it with one hand and stared at the label. It just said "Morning Meds", with the s spelled backwards. She promptly looked back at the gunner.

"Is good that you care for him, if only world had more daughters like you. But it is dangerous to come along." Isabeth was interrupted as the rifle wielding soldier gave a raw laugh and turned around, his pale face was covered by a brown cloth and a newly-fitted bionic eye. His blue eye observed the three of them as he slapped his hands onto his knees.

"No shit it's dangerous, this titan that we are going into is filled with death. Dad died when he dislodged a piece of scrap thinking that it was a lever!" He had a hoarse voice, but when he spoke everyone listened. Compared to others he had good knowledge of the land and its creatures, as a kid he was often the explorer.

"Viskeyla, that's got nothing on the snow fiends around here, if we are lucky they will be in hibernation. But if not...well let us hope they are, mother died trying to get back her walking stick from one of their mouths." The other soldier stuck himself out from the truck's window, his face was obscured by a riot helmet made from steel. He gripped his plasma pistol and raised it up into the air, it was tipped with a serrated blade for maximum bleeding. Ugoyov never showed his face in public, one way or another he always had it covered up, for what reason one would never know.

"That's why we never send the old folk for these things, barring you two of course. Old Taskmaster is good in my book." Isabeth nodded, Viskeyla chose his words wisely. She may have been over two hundred years old but she was stronger than the rest of the group combined, enough to throw him back to the town if he made the wrong choice.

"Good, dad's done more things and seen more shit than you two will ever see in your lives." Nika retorted. Isabeth opened the tub and placed the beads into the crevices of the old man's mask, she did not want to force it open for it would cause pain but she opened it enough so to pour them inside. 

"Hey! Where is me?" A rusty, mechanical voice rang out from inside the truck, Nika simply rolled her eyes and gave a disgusted sigh.

"You don't count Lubov, because you're driving the whole damn thing and we can't see you!" She slammed her fist onto the side of the truck. A minute later foam started to seep from the Taskmaster's ventilators, he opened his eyes, rushed to grab his shotgun and fired it into the air as the rest of the group heartily laughed amongst each other.

"Alright...who shoved these fucking meds in my mask?!" He shouted, Isabeth shrugged and attempted to stifle a humorous smile.

"Your daughter insisted, you should not be passing out at this time. We are here." Lo and behold the Giganta graced their sight, decrepit and rusted by the decades. What was once its arm was now buried in snow, the barrels of that gun was enough to house a small town inside, whatever horrible purpose it was intended for was thankfully unfulfilled. The hovertruck stopped by one of the titan's gaping holes, as they all jumped out and they made their way into the metal cavern Isabeth noticed that the sides of the walls had claw marks...fresh ones.

"Right, so you all know why we are here, yes?" Taskmaster asked, to which the soldiers sighed and nodded.

"You told us three times beforehand, get the firestone and return back. Easy as pie so long as we all don't get killed." Viskeyla spoke, the old man coughed and gestured to the insides of the titan with his trusted shotgun.

"Good, then let us proceed!"


The episode continues as Isabeth accompanies the group of soldiers to the ancient Giganta, a giant robot that contains the Firestone needed to finish the great weapon! And you also get to see Taskmaster's hard ass daughter and Vik's mother, Niki!
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