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Inferno by NyxenAvenger Inferno by NyxenAvenger
The wind was still as a lone pale demon gripped the handle of her mighty axe, she held her breath and slowly closed her eyes. The sounds of small rocks falling against the sides of the mountainous terrain, the endless rush of water from up above, she could hear nature move all around her. The cold air nipped at her pale back as she tightened her grip.

Then, she opened her eyes and swung the fiery axe against the stone pillar from behind with a resonate glow, cleaving it in two as the upper half slowly slid off and fell onto the stony ground with a thud. The glow upon the axe head faded away, Isabeth liked this new weapon. Her old axe was smaller, and was more so built for chopping trees than it was for cleaving through bone. But this...this was a true and mighty axe, a weapon of war built specifically for cutting down the army of the dead. She had been practising with the axe ever since last night, when she had gathered the explosives she stole from Lord Augus. Glowing orange scars crackled around her place of training, cut open like a hot knife against butter, and burning with a energy hotter than the lava from the mightiest volcano. 

She had to train, for Monarkh was a powerful foe. She reckoned that her could be hurt by this weapon, but she did not forget that he was a clever creature. He almost beat her to a bloody pulp the first time, and it would have killed her had that Nar'ruk not intervened, that defeat was something that she would never let happen again. 

"Wife!" She heard the familiar shout of her husband, Urkar, resonate throughout the mountain. She lowered her axe as she looked towards the source of the sound.

"What? I am busy with training." She shouted back, there was a brief silence.

"Armour is finished!" He replied.

"Oh." Isabeth had forgotten about the armour she asked him to fix up. It had been decades since she wore it, back when she was killing overlords for a living, and was...not as big and strong as she was now. She climbed up and traversed the underground until she made it back to her home, where Urkar was waiting in the kitchen with the armour laid out upon the table. She leaned the axe against the counter as she observed with awe. The armour was coated with a dark blue grey, the boots and gauntlets were lined with short sharp spikes, perfect for causing maximum pain to her enemies when she thought. He thought of everything, she thought to herself as she looked to Urkar, who beamed with pride upon his scarred face.

"I made few updates to old armour, it should fit on you like glove." Isabeth picked up one of the gauntlets with caution, observing the sharp spikes sprouting out in a single line. She smiled as she headbutted against her husband's head.

"Spikes, I am liking this. You are best smith I ever had." He smiled with satisfaction, he placed his only hand on her broad shoulder and nudged his head towards the rest of the gear laid out in front of her.

"You flatter me, wife. But now is not time for that. Now go out and render judgement on wendigo, for all of us."

Isabeth nodded, and Urkar left the kitchen for the sake of privacy. Leaving the warrior to undress and fit into her armour of war, which she would need to storm the lair of the wendigo.

But she needed a faster way to reach such a place, before Monarkh unleashed his "weapon" upon the world. She did not have an clear idea of what form this weapon would take, but she knew that it had to be destroyed at all costs. She hoped that Taskmaster had their transport sorted out by the time she got to him...


Episode 9.

The inferno begins.

Hoo boy this background took a lot of work, hopefully it paid off!
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tlwelker Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist
Aye! I was about to say the background is super good, keep it up!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She looks ready to kick ass. :D
RobbieTehRotten Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018  Student Digital Artist
TaurusTE Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018
The ending begins! Isabeth's looking ready to kick serious ass!
Tigon1Monster Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018
Do you take suggestions?
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