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I Wasn't Talking About Money by NyxenAvenger I Wasn't Talking About Money by NyxenAvenger
"Pour me another one." Augus demanded to the orange cyborg bartender, who promptly poured the pudgy overlord yet another helping of grade-A manalcohol into her green bottle. Manalcohol wasn't something she would usually drink, but everything had gone sideways after trying to defeat Deima in the Mouth of Hell. This type of drink was what she needed, perhaps two more if she wanted to get through the night without collapsing in defeat. The pale bodyguard rested next to her lord, exposed from the upper torso save for her bra and gauntlets. It felt...strange seeing her like this, but it was clear that she did not feel ashamed about showing it off in front of the lively and crowded bar, rather the opposite.

"It would be wise to not...drink so much. You want to head back to lair sober, yes?" It seemed Deima was concerned for her lord's state of mind, but one glance at her body and it was clear that she had meant another thing. Her gut was starting to slowly bloat from the quantities of...whatever was in manalcohol, her black shirt was exposing red, taut flesh from underneath. 

"No, you're driving me to drink. Fuck, everything around here makes me want to pass out and forget this night." It was clear to the bodyguard that her lord had no intention of stopping, so she might as well join in on this experience. She gestured to the cyborg for a bottle of what her lord was having, which she promptly received. 

"Then we will pass out together, you are not going to out drink me." Deima goaded, to which the lord pointed a clawed finger at her. It swayed slightly, which to the wendigan indicated that the signs of drunkenness was beginning to kick in. Augus gave a slight smile as she took another gulp of manalcohol, to which Deima responded in kind.

"Of course I will, I don't get drunk easily. You on the other hand I'm not so sure." Deima looked at the bottle, this stuff packed quite a punch indeed but it would not be enough to knock her out.

"These are weak compared to what I have back at my place, my family makes great alcohol. Is pure and rich, dulls senses for demons" Augus gazed at her, a curious expression upon her face as she rested her elbow on the counter.

"Sounds like a perfect drink for tonight." Deima simply shook her head as she placed the bottle on top of the counter, to which Augus snatched and drank down the rest of her drink. She pointed towards her lord's throat before clenching her hand into a tight fist.

"Not for you, it kills regular demons. It is too strong for them to handle, it closes up throat then shuts down body. They die in two minutes, I know this because one time, lesser demon stole and drank bottle of mine." Augus grumbled to herself as she beckoned the bartender to pour her another round of the intoxicating liquid.

Meanwhile, just a few steps away from the girls. Two demons conspired together in a treachery most foul, a treachery that they would soon regret.

"Hey, look over there. That's the Goliath right there." The burly, dirt-skinned demon pointed out to a scarred, yellow-skinned runt whose horns had been defiled. His mechanical, tube-laden arm gestured to the pudgy overlord.

"Augus' mad dog, and she's here too." The dirt skinned demon's lips curled into a toothy smile as he looked back at the runt.

"What do you say mate? Fancy being an overlord for a change?" The runt pulled out a knife before holding it below the counter where none could possibly see.

"We take out the big one first, then the overlord." He remarked as the large demon walked across to confront the pale wendigan, who had begun to notice him from the corner of her eye once he started walking. She turned around and walked a few steps forward to receive him, the moment she laid eyes on him she knew he wanted to kill her. Augus sat back, she could solve this by blasting him with hellish heat until he was ash. But at the same time she was interested at how her bodyguard would handle this on her own, taking note of the treacherous runt sliding across the bar counter.

"Hey you, pale bitch! I don't like you coming down here and drinking our own beer, you're gonna have to pay for that." Deima placed both hands on her hips, staring daggers into the bulky wretch. She noticed from the corner of her eye the yellow wretch slowly walking by her, one of his hands down lower than the other. A pathetic attempt on her life, she thought.

"Is that right? I already paid." She responded, playing it cool as she formed her strategy. The bulky demon snorted and clenched his fist, intent on striking her with mere strength alone.

"I wasn't talking about money, filthy demon." Ar a quick pace he flung his fist towards Deima's face, using her natural reflexes she dodged the initial attack. He had exposed his ribcage in the process, and Deima took the opportunity with a strong punch to it. He grunted in pain as the ribs cracked against his lung, he hesitated to dodge and that would seal his fate. Clenching both fists she lifted them into the air and smashed them against the dirt-skinned demon's cheek, there was an audible crack as his head turned at an unnatural degree, his bruised face emotionless as bloodied teeth splattered across the floor. In an instant he was dead, to which Deima wiped her arm of droplets of blood.

"Me neither, and name is Deima...dumbass." The yellow runt revealed the knife as he jumped over to strike the beast in the back, the knife dug into her shoulder, metal against pale flesh. But such pain was minor for a warrior like her, for she grabbed the runt's mechanical arm with one hand, before slamming him onto the floor. The impact shattered the arm into metal pieces before she grabbed the other one. Ripping it apart from his body with ease as he yelled in agony, the yells stopped as the yellow arm slammed into his nose, rendering him unconscious.

"And you need to choose fights carefully next time, or I will tear head off." Deima smiled as she removed the knife from her shoulder, causing her to emit a simple grunt as she dropped it over the ravaged runt. She walked back over and snatched Augus's drink to the overlord's surprise, swallowing the remainder of the contents. The pain did not seem to bother her in the slightest, even when the blood started to trickle down she simply wiped it as if she were swatting a gnat.

"Perhaps it is best to continue this "duel" over at other town, they have places to drink. They also do not stab others in back." She sighed as the overlord looked down upon the runt, before nodding silently.

"It was getting boring here anyways, I would very much like that Deima. I actually look forward to see this culture that you grew up in, first hand." She eloquently spoke as they both walked out of the doors, and slowly made their way across the snow covered road to the town of Sentinel Peak.


New story piece! This time Deima has to fend off two treacherous demons who make an attempt on both their lives!

Hope you enjoy!
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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's what you get!
Rez14 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
These lesser demons aren't very smart, are they? 
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nuh uh, nope!
TaurusTE Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018
Yah, piss off the the multi-hundred pound demon. BRILLIANT idea!
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's a genius multi-dimensional chess move!
dantiscus Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
That's one nice piece of FIST X3.. Sweet anatomies!
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you like it! :>
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