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Hell Hungers by NyxenAvenger Hell Hungers by NyxenAvenger
Mornings fucking sucked.

They were the worst parts, first you wake up feeling like one could kill everyone with a single blast of magic, and secondly it was when one could feel true hunger. Augus groaned as she rolled over the side of her extravagant bed, pulling the blanket down with her. Her silken robes glistened under the grey morning light as she reluctantly stood up and made her way into the kitchen. Her plump side brushed against the golden counter as she struggled to keep footing, her limbs felt numb and weak as her mind focused on one thing, and that was to consume something that could satiate this halfbreed's appetite.

Appetite, just thinking about that word made her robust stomach groan through the silk. She was an overlord, she should have breakfast served by a bunch of lesser demons! But then most overlords do not live such a land as this, not even the all powerful Ragnar would dare think to build his lair here. Hah, at least she bested him in that aspect, the pompous asshole. She clutched the handle of the giant refrigerator clad with golden serpents and pulled it wide open, exposing the scarred interior of the door.

Oh for fuck's sake.

Barely anything in the fridge, the revelation prompted her stomach to growl once again. She placed a hand over the mass of flesh so that she could calm it, she eyed up the sections and saw a bowl filled with a pink substance giving out a muffled scream. It would have to do, she thought as she plucked it and placed it to the side of the counter. She walked over to grab a spoon from the drawer and rested her back against the golden edge, taking the bowl and consuming the thick, screaming substance.

She had two minds to go across the lair and smite her suppliers, their job was to give food to Zhīzhū so she could serve it up to her lord, and they failed miserably. But they were the only ones she could trust with getting things into Sentinel Peak, she sighed before stuffing her mouth with another spoonful of creamy goodness. It seemed to placate her stomach, for now. This would not do, dinner and supper would provide nothing unless she found a different way of going around it.

Yes, the bodyguard. Augus had given an exceptional amount of income towards the blue-haired demon, and she was obedient enough to follow her orders. Surely she would not mind spending some of her cash to give her lord something to eat? It was Augus' money at the end of the day, she only gave it away just for...safekeeping. Another clever plan devised, but the only question that remained was that of herself. Why was she just quivering at the thought of it?

A lord should not think too heavily about her lesser subjects, but Deima was different. She was strong and big and she ate a lot, what could be considered a filling feast was merely a starter for the young wendigan. She did not like being outclassed in any aspect of life, and it made her sweat thinking about what could happen if it went too far. It was degrading to even think about it, but yet it was still lingering in her horned head.

Perhaps she would ask the demon, but only just for a short dinner.

Maybe then she could order Zhīzhū to order some Chinese takeout after. Having resolved the dilemma in her mind, she walked out of the kitchen to go change into her lordly outfit.


Episode 8: Hell Hungers begins with what else? A hungry demon overlord!

Hope you enjoy the beginning of what will hopefully be a fun episode!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, Augus needs better subjects. :XD:
black-sunn89 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017
nice belly
TaurusTE Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017
I sense a very fat and stuffed overlord coming in the future...
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