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Healthy Appetite by NyxenAvenger Healthy Appetite by NyxenAvenger


The contents of the letter had plagued Isabeth's mind upon her return, even the lavish supper could not take it off the crudely marked words. Tiana was not the only culprit in this situation, someone else had been pulling the strings. It made sense, as how did the girl managed to have a severed arm of her kind? Very few survived their wrath. Isabeth threw off her suit on the counter, leaving only her bra and underwear on. She could not bother changing into normal clothes, everything ached all over and the very least she deserved was a good, filling meal. She sat down upon the chair, promptly lifted the nearest plate of fishy flesh and devoured it all, plate included.

She would have to keep her eye out through the land, for if this Monarkh person could cause such a travesty this day, what crimes would they commit tomorrow? What was she thinking? No living being could face a Wendigan alone and live to tell the tale! It was clear that this Monarkh was a group effort, what goals they wanted to achieve with this she did not know. 

Only that they would pay soon enough.

Her resolve unwavering, she snapped out of her thoughts. The table was devoid of food, only empty plates remained. Her pale middle had swollen to fill her lap, and gently pushed against the edge of the table. She lifted herself and clutched the mass of flesh, for fear of knocking the ornaments off the walls with her stomach. She groaned as her bulk pushed the bedroom door open.

Their bedroom was divided into two parts, one half was reminiscent of a human couple's bedroom while the other was cloaked like a giant tent. Urkar was a believer of the old traditions, and so thought it fitting to have it so that it felt natural sleeping together.  The tent was a mix of both of the cultures the two had raised in, strange dream catchers dangled above the roof while paintings of brutal dictators and benevolent liberators dotted the coverings.

And there he was, Urkar. He wore nothing and was in a deep slumber, he must have tired himself from all the cooking. A severed head, well cooked, lay next to him. The place where the brain should have been was filled with nothing but roasted fish, the smell was...enticing to say the least. Her gut agreed as it gave off a sludgy growl, for she still had room left for seconds. Carefully sneaking under the covers, softly placing her gut upon his broad chest, she reached to grab it. She was stopped by a firm hand upon her shoulder.

"Back from hunt I take it." Urkar murmured with his eyes still shut, he purred as he nuzzled his head upon the side of her gut. Isabeth smiled in response.

"I could say same thing about you, you hunted sea serpent for me? How nice." His eyes opened as he pushed his back up against the pillows, he yawned as he stroked his wife's shoulder.

"Many thanks, was tough work but managed to kill it. Did not expect it to be...that filling." The endowed demon smirked as she pulled up the blanket to her side, Urkar held her large figure with his hook in the case her weight crushed his pelvis in the process.

"I have healthy appetite, no big deal." She grabbed one of the roasted fish sticking out from the head of the serpent and swallowed it whole in front of the blacksmith, almost as if to goad him.

"Is no big deal for you, but I can tell is going to be big deal for me." Urkar smiled as he started to kiss upon the side of her neck and down to her breast, she playfully tugged his pointed ear. She had fought many battles in her life, but these were the ones she enjoyed the most. The blacksmith was happy to return the favour, as now he had two times the wife for this night.

"Is romantic."


The ending of Episode 3 of Sentinel Peak! In this a new enemy is revealed through Tiana's letter, Isabeth had better watch out for Monarkh, whomever they are. Also Isabeth gets pretty big, a Wendigan appetite is a healthy appetite!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Roasted fish.

crazyeight2112 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017
Like the idea of the KFC brain bucket you got going on there
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