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Goliath Cometh by NyxenAvenger Goliath Cometh by NyxenAvenger
Unbeknownst to Deima, she had been making some talk throughout the circles of the demon world, they only knew of a mysterious unstoppable henchman seemingly built for demolishing her overlord's enemies. They called her by the name of Goliath, named after the unique suit that she wore. Who knew some drunken pictures with the lads would become so widespread?

As she fitted on the tinged blue gauntlets, she smashed them upon her chest-piece. No dents, truly her father had given her a wonderful birthday gift last year, even if it was her overlord that had commissioned him to make such a thing it was still nice that he took the time to forge it for her. He boasted about how this armour could even deflect even the most powerful of demonic spells, so this was a good place to test that claim.

Cheng stuck a long pipe in his mouth, he was not used to the cold winters but if needs must. He looked over to the armoured demon who was busy flexing her large biceps, eager to see if the armour would ever bend to her sheer strength. Here he was in the middle of fuck knows where standing behind what he would consider to be the demonic equivalent of a super soldier, at least, he thought, he would be able to relax in this moment. For the demon was about to break into the heavily gunned mouth of hell, breaking everything and everyone who dared to stand in her way.

"You are alright, да?" Deima asked, breaking Cheng out of his thoughtful trance. Cheng looked towards the building behind and blew out a ring of red smoke.

"I'm fine, Karah has no idea what he's done." Deima abruptly turned towards him, bending down to tighten the metal knee-pads on her suit.

"You knew him?" She asked, the small demon gave a slight chuckle as he put the pipe to his lips.

"Knew him? He used to be my old smuggling partner. Always good with guns, never so good with the fancy magic."

Deima looked up at him, before clenching her fist and flexing her bicep towards the small demon.

"Fists are better." Cheng could only nod as he puffed out another ring of red smoke at her, to which she brushed it off her face.

"For you, yes. But I find that nothing solves a problem better than a bullet to the skull, or commanding your foe to jump off a cliff. Before he betrayed our lord last night he mentioned something about a new prototype weapon he smuggled in this very building. Said he was going to use it to overthrow Augus and asked me if I wanted to join with him."

"You are many things, but fool you are not."
Deima confidently said as she did a few jabbing motions in the air, the gauntlets were hefty even for a Wendigan of her size. Cheng walked past her as he rested his back against the side of the rose-tinted truck, slowly twisting and turning the burnt-out stick onto the side of it.

"I know my place, but I also know when the time of opportunity comes. This was not that time, make it quick with him. It's the least you can do." Deima gave a subtle nod, respect from her was rare and it comforted the small demon. Suddenly a larger, chubbier lieutenant popped out from the top of the truck, a modest imitation of his overlord. He was not in the mood for petty talk, he had come to see the show and he wanted it now.

"Hey Dei! You going in there or not? We're freezing our asses off here!" He shouted at her, to which she grunted and held up a clenched fist at him before slowly turning into a thumbs-up. She could be intimidating when she wanted to be, but she saved it for the unlucky demons inside that fortress. Deima walked down to the building, cracking her knuckles as she went.

"Was warming up, will see you guys in few minutes."

As the metal door loomed closer, she twisted her wrist around. She saw the faint glimpse of eyes in the slit, but it didn't matter. Cheng closed his eyes and breathed a sigh as the bodyguard prepared to break down the only defence that mattered to the poor souls inside.

He only heard the shouting and screaming as her fist collided against steel, followed by the sounds of cracked bones and torn muscle. Goliath had come.



What's better than a demon whose punch can shatter metal? A heavily armoured demon whose punch can shatter metal, all thanks to her smith of a dad.

Best birthday gift ever if you ask her.

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Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016
I'm scare-roused.
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How long you think everyone behind those doors will last?
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not very long.
TheCafeBlazkowicz Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's got a Robert Cop visor.
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The furniture of law enforcement!
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