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Fury of the Horde by NyxenAvenger Fury of the Horde by NyxenAvenger
The horde had descended upon the group like flies to a rotting corpse. From every crack and every crevice their twisted, shrivelled bodies forced themselves through, their black claws and teeth hungering for this bounty of living flesh. The only thing the entire group could do was fire back as they ran, and hoped that their bullets slowed down the raging tide of the dead. Isabeth led the front, swiping away any wendigo that decided to charge in front of her. The back of her axe swung deep into one of the hooded creature's jaws, ripping it clean off as it crashed into the rusted wall.

She barely had time to react as another swarm burst out from the iron ground in front of her, in front of a hallway that split into two directions. Out of instinct she dodged to the right side, firing at the wendigo as they wildly clawed at the pale demon. She looked behind and saw that Niki and Lubov were behind her, but the rest of the party were not there. Damn it! They must had gone the other way, she could only hope that they were strong enough to escape their grasp without her.

"These fuckers are tougher than they look!" Niki laughed as she fired from her pistol, hitting one of the beasts clean in the head. It rolled over before running and screaming once more, as if nothing had happened.

"It is now that you come to that conclusion?!" Isabeth shouted back. The trio ran out from the hallway and onto an unstable rusted bridge, held together by crude rope. From the outiside Isabeth could see another hallway leading into the adjacent part of the titan, bullets and plasma were shooting out from the sides of the metal tube. They were still alive and running...for now. They ran across until they came across a dislodged part of the bridge, high enough for Isabeth to jump up upon. 

She threw her weapons over the ledge and leapt up, it was stable enough for the three of them to hold their ground for there was no more bridge beyond this, only the depths awaited them. She offered her hands to the human and the cyborg, who quickly accepted as the horde neared closer. She lifted them onto the part as the wendigo smashed into the wall, reaching to grab their ankles but to no avail. Niki climbed up on the large rope that was holding this ancient piece in place. Out of the corner of her eye Isabeth noticed a familiar shade of crimson emerge from the masses.

It was the one from the twin towers, the one she drove an axe into it. It smiled as it recognised those horns of hers, before holding up its arm as if to gloat. She had almost cut it clean off but it had been patched and reinforced by twisted iron, jutting out into a makeshift blade. It looked at the part they were standing upon, it placed its black claws into the rotted mouth and emitted a high pitched whistle. The hooded mob stopped what they were doing and turned around to their crimson commander.

Isabeth sighed as she prepared her pistol and gripped her axe.

"Pile-formation!" It shouted aloud, raising his arms towards the three like a mad warrior. Immediately the wendigo ran into the wall like mad, slowly forming a slope that their brethren could walk upon. Isabeth fired wildly into the crowd, she swung her axe at the grasping hands in an attempt to fend them off. Severed hands filled the crowd as the crimson commander stepped over them, intent on getting payback on the pale demon. Lubov's robotic hand transformed into a large plasma gun, which he used to blast holes into the ones lucky enough to step onto the platform.

The red-helmed wendigo thrust his blade towards Isabeth, piercing the dragonscale suit and cutting into the flesh of her arm. She forced him back and swung her axe at him, which he blocked with his arm blade.

It was then that Nika looked down into her pocket and pulled out an old fashioned grenade, her grandfather had asked her to always have one in the case of a dire situation, and this was a dire situation indeed. Grenades tended to solve big problems, she thought, so she pulled out the pin and flung it into the pile of wendigo. The red-helmed creature looked down, and having realised the threat he jumped off the pile. The explosion knocked the demon down and destroyed a good chunk of the horde, it tore into the commander's bladed arm, rendering it a burnt stump.

Isabeth looked at the scarred woman who gave a thumbs up at her. Then suddenly, a cracking sound was heard.  The entire platform had been dislodged and began to swing towards the complex behind them, they all gripped upon the rope as it flung full force into the metal wall. The trio rolled onto the floor, everything ached in their bodies as they slowly got up. Lubov gripped his crystal filled box, which was surprisingly in good condition still.

"Old friend! You are still alive!" A familiar voice rang out, Taskmaster and Viskeyla ran out from the door visibly tired and exhausted, their weapons still smoking hot. It was fine seeing them alive save for one noticeable difference.

"Where is helmet head?" Isabeth asked, Taskmaster pushed the barrel of the shotgun into his worn out spine, making a few audible cracks as he breathed a sigh of relief.

"I don't know, one moment he was here, now he is not. They will be soon enough." The screams and roars of the hooded horde, while faint, started to grow louder amidst the scratching sounds. 

"The rest of you go, I will find him and distract this scourge." The demon walked towards the door, her grip on her axe as hard as before.

"What about you? You saw those creatures, you will not last against them! As far as I know Ugoyov is a dead man."
Taskmaster shouted, Isabeth stopped in her tracks and stood there for a brief moment.

"I will last against them, you should all go. I will see you back at town."
The group reluctantly left the demon as the screams grew ever louder.

With a heavy breath the sentinel held her weapons ready, and stepped through the door.


And so Isabeth and her companions must resist the full might of the wendigo horde as she attempts to re-connect with the rest of the group, with explosive results!

This was a hell of a picture to draw up, I hope it was worth it!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn, that action was tight!
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