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Fiery Excavation by NyxenAvenger Fiery Excavation by NyxenAvenger
The insides of the titan were as treacherous as they were deep, as they crossed over the crooked bridges the party took great care so as to not loosen anything else that kept such relics up. A hundred years it took to build and a thousand men to operate it, if one were to believe the local tales. They also said it's core was home to a great man eating demon, so Isabeth took such tales with a grain of salt. But if anything was to be said just by looking across the great rusted chasms, was that this was meant to be the future of Soviet warfare, the ultimate deterrent! Isabeth dreaded to think what would have happened had such a beast was fully operational, with a press of a button it could wipe out half of the world with those cannons. 

The group safely made it across the bridge, on top of the entrance was a sign with a giant arrow. The words had been faded by time but it bore a sigil of a gun, it was obvious to the group that this would be the best place to search for the firestone. Everything was quiet in the countless hallways, save for their footsteps and the soothing sound of the cold winds. Isabeth pulled out her pistol and gripped it tight as she wearily crept down further with the group, before they stopped across a large tear across a damaged, cut wall. A faint warmth emanated from the room beyond, and they knew they had found something. 

And in these times something was better than nothing. The sentinel went in and came cross the source of the heat, a large metal exhaust, and promptly ripped one of the upper casings on it. Lo and behold she saw a bright orange glow shine from the exhaust, inside was a carefully concealed tube filled with orange crystals. She pressed her pale finger against it before retracting it back in pain, it was still active and hot as hell.

"It is firestone, but it needs to be cooled down before we can move it." She turned around to the group, brandishing her giant pistol. Taskmaster understood and gestured towards his strong armed daughter and the horrific bald cyborg next to her.

"Nika, Lubov. You sort this out while we stand guard. Isabeth, you take the left side. Ugoyov, you come with me. Viskeyla, stay there and do not shoot anything." Viskeyla folded his arms and pulled out a knife from his bandolier, playing around with the sharp edges with his pale fingers like a kid with a toy.

"Clear as snow, old man." Nika pulled out a lone giant spanner next to a decaying skeleton and squatted down alongside Lubov. His bionic hand palmed the translucent surface, where mortal fingers would burn off his would not. He breathed through the speaker in his horrific mask, designed to look like a screaming fanatic so as to inspire fear in the hearts of his enemies. The others thought he looked like a screaming jackass, of which only Isabeth liked it.

There was a rather large bolt on the end of the exhaust casing, she placed the spanner around it and saw that it fit. It was tight, but with her exceptional strength she pulled the spanner down and abruptly moved the bolt. An excess of steam shot right into the cyborg's face, temporarily disorienting him as Nika snorted with laughter. After a brief moment the cyborg removed a crystal and placed it into a metal box next to him.

"So what is this stuff for?" Nika questioned, resting her hands on her plump thighs, the old man stepped in to answer.

"I do not know, it was a request from Urkar. He needs these to forge some kind of weapon." Taskmaster scratched his mask as he held his shotgun high.

"To fight what? More snow fiends?" Viskeyla snorted, the cyborg stopped storing the crystals to correct the young fool.

"To be fair they have growing in population over the years-"
Isabeth turned around to address the entire group, her face just as stone-cold as her scarred skin.

"They are Wendigo, I and old friend have faced them before. They are greater threat than mortal and demon. It is enemy I must fight, or it will be yours to lose against." Isabeth looked up and noticed a shadow, as fast as a whip she fired the gun at it. A piercing shriek came as the thin masked creature fell onto the crystals below, setting it on fire. It crawled out of the exhaust before it's head was crushed under the force of the demon's boot.

There was silence, before sounds of shrieking and screaming emanated from every crack and crevice inside this damned titan. Isabeth pointed her still smoking pistol towards the cyborg before looking back, clawed hands burst through the metal floor attempting to grab any living being they could find.

"They are here, grab as much as you can Lubov!" Lubov complied and ripped huge chunks of the crystals out and into his box, he grabbed it before another clawed hand burst out in front of him. It would have clawed his leg if the spanner had not been thrust down upon it by Nika, who pulled him up.

"Quick, back to the truck!" Taskmaster bellowed, the group ran off towards the hallways and never looked back. The shrieks and screams grew louder as the metal walls started to tear and the hordes of masked, hooded wendigo seeped through.

They had excavated the vital firestone, but vastly outnumbered, the group could only hope to resist and outrun their enemies...


The episode continues as they retrieve the firestone, but the wendigo have already arrived and are intent on stopping the group from returning to Sentinel Peak! This episode is going to be pretty fun stuff I tell you ahah
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Run for it!
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Flee for your lives!
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