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Excessive Mutation by NyxenAvenger Excessive Mutation by NyxenAvenger
The axe struck upon the side of the wendigo's head with great force, but not even the strength of Isabeth could halt such a monster. It was at this point that she reckoned a torch would do a better job at killing it, but where was the fun in that? Her train of thought shattered as the wendigo's fist hit her face and sent her flying down towards the wall. Blood seeped from her nose as the wendigo ripped the axe from its head and threw it at the cloaked demon, who only just dodged out of the way. It was interrupted as the shotgun shell ripped through its claws, leaving only a bloody stump. Taskmaster was old but he could dodge the wendigo's bony blade, he had one shot left in him so he would have to make it count.

Isabeth in her daze noticed a clear liquid leaking from the side of her head, it ran from a pierced hole in a tanker that had been caused by the impact. She looked towards Taskmaster and then the idea popped into her thick skull. She stood up and gave a loud guttural roar at the beast, who had knocked the old man out of its sight. The wendigo turned its head sharply towards her, before running in a wild dash to the demon. Nothing could hold the creature back but its strength had proven too strong for its body to handle, for one of the legs had snapped under the pressure. With one painful scream it raised its bone bladed limb up into the air, ready to pierce her chest.

She ducked as the wendigo pierced the tanker with full force, coating itself and Isabeth with decades old gasoline. She reached for the axe but was stopped by a thick bloody tentacle which wrapped around her throat, she looked up. Tiana's body had begun to mutate further due to the damage done to its body, further tentacles sprouted out from the chest and the face. She knew that if she did not escape then the wendigo would consume her entire being and god knows what would happen then.

To her fortune Taskmaster had gotten up and as he looked up at the fuel tanker he prepared his final shot, the wendigan reached for the axe and tore out the letter in its rags. Without hesitation she cleaved the wendigo's tentacle clean off and rolled towards the old man, the wendigo attempted to pull out the appendage, but it was too late.

The shot fired, and in an instant the wendigo was consumed in a ball of flame. The two were enveloped by the heat, any closer and they would have been scorched by the intense flames. What was left of the wendigo was charred black flesh and bone, almost half of its body had disappeared in the explosion and even then one could see the charred remains twitching still. Whatever Tiana aimed to achieve the pale demon would not know, only that her fate had been found in flame.

Isabeth breathed a sigh of relief as she looked at the letter in her clenched hand, it was strange that such a monster had this. But then again it might not have noticed in its savagery.

"I admit, my ribs are going to hurt for next few days. But is good hunt nonetheless. Comrade?" Taskmaster placed a hand upon his chest, old age was a bitch.

"Yes, was good. But I did not imagine beast to come with letter." Isabeth rubbed her bloodied chin, the iron taste was upon her pale lips. 

"Is likely coincidence, everyone in entire land likes their letters."

"Perhaps, but still."


YES, the climax of Episode 3! Only one more left and it will be finished, can't wait!

Hope you enjoy!
endecis15 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
ok that look horrifying !
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A letter? What was 'Tiana' doing with a letter?
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Guess we'll have to wait and find out!
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