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Embers of War by NyxenAvenger Embers of War by NyxenAvenger
A final smash of the hammer, and the weapon was done. It took him all day to forge the parts, from the spike to the axe head he laboured over them, such a weapon had to be crafted to perfection. Firestone was a volatile substance, found within the hearts of ancient fire elementals that needed to be handled with care, especially when fusing it within iron. He knew, for he lost his right hand to such beings in his younger years. The runic words of his kind bore mystical qualities older than even the cursed magics of the common demon, carving them into the head was no easy feat for the weapon. These runes had to flow naturally, in order to draw out its true potential.

When the humans of Taskmaster's party came up to deliver him the box of firestone he was worried, for his wife had not come with them. They assured him that the old man went back out to search for her and let him continue with his work, it was...unusual to say the least. Whenever his wife went out on a task she always came back, something had happened. When the sky turned dark he considered heading out to find her, but it was a relief that shortly after finishing the weapon he saw his wife climb up the mountain side. She looked hurt, covered in bloodied bandages. She tore one of them off her left shoulder as she marched into his forge. Her face was cold as stone, a good attempt to conceal the pain.

He walked straight up to his wife and without a moment's hesitation smashed his head into hers, the two wendigan both gave out a sigh of relief as he wiped his brow of sweat with his hook. 

"You had me worried." Isabeth gave a soft nod, she folded her arms while Urkar wiped his metal hook clean of sweat.

"I know, day has not gone good. Wendigo threat is worse than I thought, countless numbers lie in wait." Urkar gazed up at her with a curious look.

"For what?"
Isabeth stared blankly at the blacksmith, before looking behind his back. There was an ominous orange glow and that peaked her interest.

"Endless night, is weapon ready?" She asked. Urkar turned around and grabbed the giant axe with one hand, he then offered it to her, which she accepted. She observed the weapon with great fascination, while her previous axe was reliable and tough...this one was on a whole new level, a built in leather handle, fiery axe head, a spike on top and he even included another spike on the bottom. This weapon would give her more ways to kill, and that was great in itself.

"Is so, be careful. The firestone is still getting used to its new form, I modelled it after your axe. However strong those wendigo are, this axe will render their flesh into cinders." Urkar went to grab his hammer near the familiar black anvil, slightly worn from the forging of the axe. He was caught by surprise as Isabeth crept over to kiss him on the cheek, the smile of his wife was reward enough for him.

"It is great weapon. I am truly grateful to have you as my husband."
She walked out from the forge and towards the edge of the snow covered cliff, the blacksmith followed suit as she swung the weapon around in the cold air. A trail of searing flame followed the axe head, the runes upon it glowing red like the core of fire itself. The cold air was relief for the blacksmith as he wiped his brow once again with his hook.

"As am I to have you, so what next now?" 

Isabeth thrust the axe into the air with  one hand, an explosive burst seared forth from the weapon. It shone brightly, like a torch against the blackest night. She gazed up at it as the flames licked the strong iron, it gave her some semblance of comfort. The comfort that this weapon would be by her side when the endless legions of the dead came crashing down upon her, a comfort that would be with her as she made her last stand for the world.

"I will prepare for war."


Almost finished, just one more and this episode will be complete! 

Hope you enjoy!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, those wendigo are gonna be in so much trouble!
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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