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Drops Of Shame by NyxenAvenger Drops Of Shame by NyxenAvenger
"This place is...weeeell, itsh a place." Lord Augus' words were beginning to slur as she sat upon the metal seat, a half empty bottle of vodka in hand. She gave a lazy smile towards Deima, who had sat beside her with hands on her legs in case she fell onto the floor in her drunken state. The wendigan looked around the bar area, the Great October was originally a ravaged airship of sorts that laid around in the snowy tundra until the residents stumbled across it. Then it was dragged into the town for the intent of rebuilding such a grand relic, at first they intended to get it back up and flying again. But once other people started to visit for a good drink they decided to convert it into a makeshift bar. Plates of jagged, old metal ran down the curvature of the hull, the unfinished parts exposed plenty of black tubes as they ran down into the wreckage. The sounds of chatter and laughter echoed throughout as the two sat together onto wide, metal seating.

"It may not seem like much, but is place people like. Closest thing to entertainment around here, besides death races." She explained. Augus rested her horns on the back of the cold metal, accentuating her already bloated stomach. If one listened hard enough you could hear the sounds of various liquids sloshing around that great gut of hers, she took another sip out of her bottle as she pointed up to the giant iron head resting gently on top of the bar.

"This place could do with shome decoraaation if you askh me...what the hell ish that up there?" Deima looked to where her lord was pointing, before looking back at her to explain.

"That is face of Soviet hero, mother found it lying around in bunker down below. Lifted it up and gave it polish for people to feel at home." The overlord narrowed her eyes as she slowly sat back up, her arms flailing to the sides as if they had lost energy.

"Sovietsh you say, I did not realise theeey were those...kinds of peoples." Deima sighed before resting back against the cold metal seat, she was not good at explaining certain things in detail, but she would try to explain to her lord the history of this entire town they both resided in.

"You really should come over here more, when mother founded this town she brought people she thought were good enough to stay with her. Prisoners, comrades, many with great skills joined her. It was hard adjusting to new life for them, some perished. But the ones that lived had kids, to carry on knowledge that didn't get them killed. Town grew stronger, and good thing it is." She gave a proud smile towards Augus, who in her tipsy state slumped against the wendigan's pale arm. She rested her chin on her shoulder, her eyes and expression were drowsy as she got herself comfortable.

"Youuu know, you never mentshun your mother much, deshpite her being a terrifying figure on my side of things. Figured you'd be bragging about hers..."

"It is...complicated, but in short I want to defeat her in combat. Then I will show who is stronger demon." Augus' head slipped against the smooth skin, causing her scarred cheek to press onto the side of the bodyguard's stomach. Augus drunkenly smiled, finally there was something warm to rest on. She rested her plump legs onto the remaining space of the seat as her smile faded, almost as if to lament. The bodyguard's face went stiff, but slowly softened as the demon lord snuggled against her, it was strange seeing her lord becoming this personal towards her, but it would have to be something to get used to.

"At leasth you got a mother in your life, I...didn't have that luxshury." She sadly stated as she tapped her fingers against the soft flesh of her bodyguard's stomach, perhaps in her drunken state she had mistaken her for a pillow of some kind, Deima thought. 

"I did not know that, I am sorry." She replied, looking off into the distance so as to not take notice of her lord.

"Oh nooo, don't be. Itsh not something I talk about amongsth other demons, they're backshtabbing pricks, barring you. You shee, I didn't get a mother or a father, I...had to...pull myshelf off my own two...feet without anyone helping me. I grew up from nooothing and had to make myself into shomething...and here I am, getting pished drunk with my bodyguard." She lifted her arm to lazily grab the bottle placed on the floor, before putting it up to her lips to drink, a trickle escaped and trailed down Deima's stomach, she looked down onto her lord as she softly grabbed the bottle from her clawed fingers before gulping down the rest, much to Augus' tipsy dismay.

"That is not all of story, do not forget that you are lord of many demons, you are in land that other lords would not dare go in. You have daughter of "Lordkiller" as your bodyguard, it is not bad life." Deima reassured her with a smile as she wrapped her arm around Augus' neck, taking care not to choke her lord in the process.

"You know, I don't know whyyyy you care about me, but you more than the othershhh...why do you care?" The warmth had blurred her vision and mind, she was almost bordering on saying plain nonsense at this point.

"Because I am your bodyguard, it does not have to be about protecting one with own life all the time, other time you need someone to talk to and reassure yourself." Deima looked down onto her lord, who for the very first time began to...not seem like the vicious lord she had grown to known, perhaps this was her true self. Time would tell, and currently time was telling her that it was incredibly late. Her cooking would have been almost finished by then, anymore than that and she could run the risk of her home burning down. She had to finish this fast, she softly pushed Augus back onto her feet before adjusting her bra.

"Listen, it is pretty dark, you are probably thinking this duel should be done with. I have idea to end this duel of ours, if you win this I will be this monster you have been wanting, if I win I get to go home and sleep." Her voice had a tinge of urgency to it, which even the most drunken lord could see. Augus gave a menacing smile as she pointed her shaking finger into the wendigan's shoulder, her eyes wavering off down towards her cleavage.

"I'msogunnabeatya, I can shee it in your eyesh!"


The episode slowly reaches to it's climax, as Deima and Augus chill in a bar inside a salvaged ship and decide to end this duel, once and for all.

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TaurusTE Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018
That fuckin Stalin face XD
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You know, I've always been wondering:

Does Augus have an accent? I've always imagined her being Chinese. 
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, she's got a slight Chinese accent!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I knew it!
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