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Down In The Lord's Prison by NyxenAvenger Down In The Lord's Prison by NyxenAvenger
When Augus decided to build her lair upon the ruins of an ancient Cold War outpost near the town, she and her lackeys had inadvertently stumbled onto an underground prison beneath the worn, almost monolithic structures. Why those pathetic mortals who had operated there needed a prison of all things was a question that often peaked her curiosity, was it the ultimate punishment? Even if some did escape they would freeze in the cold soon after. Or was it for something bigger? The tags on the former prisoner's clothes seemed to indicate as much, each labelled with specific numbers and letters but the decades had worn off almost all of them.

Once the place had been cleared out and the lair had been built, Augus sent her minions to give the old prison a makeover fit of an overlord. This was the place where the dissidents were to be kept before execution, as she strutted across the prison corridor many insults and threats were thrown towards the overlord. But threats would not matter once their heads began to roll, or even worse if they were unlucky enough to be in Deima's rough hands.

One could say that this was where Deima resided to train and grow her interrogation skills on her off-hours, it was where the prisoners were mostly used as her punching bags. She was big, strong and she ate plenty, but without something to convert what she consumed into strength it would be all for nothing. Rarely did anyone survive a session with her, and the hook near to where she sat soaked with fresh blood which dripped onto the stained red ground.

The bodyguard was busy eating her lavish breakfast consisting of noodles and spring rolls. The fresh smell of warm dough was satisfying and wetted the mouths of the hungry demons, it would take a long while before she learned how to use chopsticks correctly. Most of the time she would just jam them into a prisoner's eyes out of frustration. Augus wandered over and rested her side of her middle next to the table, she took out a cigar and lighter and promptly held the flame on the edge. She placed it into her mouth before exhaling a plume of great smoke.

"Enjoying your meal I take it?" Deima responded by shoving a bunch of spring rolls into her maw, an improper way to eat a meal but it got the job done. She swallowed the rolls down her throat and simply gave a toothy smile.

"Yes, you demons have fine cuisine here. Is filling!" Augus nodded in agreement, she could go for some spring rolls right about now.

"Good. Listen, I require your assistance." The bodyguard's ears pricked up in response as she sucked down a rather fat noodle strand.

"How come?" She asked, the overlord looked behind at the eyes dotting the dark prison cells, words could spread pretty fast if enough people heard them.

"It's personal, I can't talk about it here. I only ask that you come with me."

"Very well boss, just let me finish off this meal."
Deima grabbed the knife to her side and twisted all of the noodles upon the blade, she nipped the ends of the strands and promptly sucked them into her mouth. Her pale cheeks bulged out as she chewed the noodles down into that bottomless pit of a stomach. She stood up and accompanied her lord as they walked back up to the main floor, curious as to why the overlord had wanted her.


New story piece, where Augus asks Deima to accompany her for the dream-channelling as she needs a willing partner that won't stab her in the back.

Although I intend for Deima's story to be somewhat separate from Isabeth's, it doesn't hurt to mix in a fine layer of lore that intertwines with the two. That and I wanted to give a reason as to why there's an underground prison beneath her lair.

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endecis15 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
this level music would fit in so nicely…
AlduinGijinka Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Student General Artist
Hopefully smoking doesn't have negative side effects on demons as it does to humans XP
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha hopefully not!
AlduinGijinka Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Student General Artist
Would hate to have the premature death to a demon overlord :p
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