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Deima's Kitchen by NyxenAvenger Deima's Kitchen by NyxenAvenger
"Is going to be hard."

That was the thought that crossed Deima's mind as she stared at the sea creature upon the kitchen table. She had not properly assessed its size when she broke its neck this morning, beasts of this size could be quite the annoyance at times when she bathed in the hot springs of her family's mountain. These beasts thought of themselves as the rulers of this place, but Deima was queen of the pools and she would wipe away those that attempted to take that away from her. From the looks of it she had just killed one of the alpha males, it was huge, the shell was tough and the meat could fill the stomachs of seven adult men.

There were two ways she could go around this, she could eat this raw like her dad or boil it for several hours. After a few seconds of thinking she decided for the latter, so she strutted over to one of the kitchen cupboards and pulled out a large metal pan, which looked more like a miniature bath. The kitchen was quite advanced for a wendigan, but then her job paid well and it gave her a taste for more...expensive things. She even had an ancient historical relic from the times when overlords ruled the world, it was some sort of demon queen from what that old man with tattoos all over his face was saying. Something about seducing every lord and having them all fight each was weird stuff, but if had a bloody past then she was into it.

She filled the bowl with cold, natural water from the tap and placed it on top of the black oven. After switching the lights on above and fiddling with the buttons the water would slowly begin to boil, it was just a matter of time. But while it was boiling the demon draped a mauve apron over her chest and took out one of the larger knives in her deadly arsenal of cooking tools. She would render this magnificent creature into a filling meal, she applied the steel edge against the taut, fishy flesh as it was about to sink in.

But then the phone started to buzz on the counter behind her, amongst the herbs and spices. Disgruntled she picked it up and held it with her broad shoulder as she leaned against the beast. She knew who it was, for there was only one other demon she gave her phone number to.

"You need good reason to call me at this time, Cheng." The demon on the other end gave a slight chuckle.

"Hey, the boss wants you here as soon as possible." Deima could only snort in response. 

"Is that so? I have my hands full right now." There was a brief silence, before Cheng sighed.

"As soon as possible, that's what she said. I don't need to say it again." 

Another moment of silence.

He broke the silence, prompting the wendigan to give an annoyed sigh.

"Fine, I will be there in ten minutes." She murmured.

With the press of the button she cut his call. She brushed the tip of the knife below her chin as she looked at the dead beast, she would have to leave the meat to boil while she was away. As she forced the blade into the meat and the cut gushed forth crimson blood, she hoped that her meal would not overcook, or froth onto the floor while she was away.

She pulled a small bowl to catch the leaking blood, and raised the knife high.


Deima's a pretty good cook! She's cooking up one of Sentinel Peak's wildlife, the crider! They hide within the mountains, especially if they contain pools and springs. They are often a pain for Deima as they try to boot out intruders, and consider her as one. Naturally Deima does not like it!
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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's gonna be one meal for her!
GreatKingToro Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017
Fell a little sorry about that creature.
TaurusTE Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017
Heh, crider. I get it.

Cool that our bad ass demoness has some practical skills along with being super tough! Gotta be a good cook to feed that huge bod!
Spongecat1 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Rest in pieces... Maggit
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