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Crossroads by NyxenAvenger Crossroads by NyxenAvenger
Haverton Fort was a massive project commissioned by the Red King ten years ago, it was intended to be a powerful military defence against the elven menace if they came to invade his kingdom. It had the latest advancements in technology at the time, they say the walls were dotted with iron tubes that spewed metal orbs when they roared. Gaping mouths littered the insides of the fort to spew boiling water to anyone who had breached such a fortress. Eventually the task of creating the fort proved to be too costly, even though Geg tried to keep the whole thing steady up till the end.

Now it is the domain of Truagha, and her twisted crows. She was not one to go outside in the mornings for fear of skin irritation by the sun, but today the clouds blocked all sunlight. She and her friend Aderyn had spent the previous night drinking slugbrew and catching up on their lives, what the both of them needed was a relaxing bath. And what else to give a relaxing bath than the mouths of the fort? As the two stretched and waddled around in the flooded pool of the tower, Aderyn felt like something else had entered the pool. She turned around and what she saw made her scream in shock, a strange dull blue cyclops had stood behind her, looking at her with a questioning lifeless eye. Rune-like markings had been engraved on numerous parts of her body, and large emerald tentacles drooped from her head, one large one being held up in a ponytail.

"What the hell are you?!" Aderyn asked, the shock still present through her words. The cyclops tilted her head to the side, it looked almost as surprised as the witch had been.

"Well what a surprising turn of events, never thought we'd cross paths again." The witch's eyes rose in realisation.

"Geg? Now I understand why you always wear that weird helmet in public!" Truagha's ears twitched at this foreign name, she looked towards the pair of them with an eyebrow raised.

"So that's the wee girl's name? She said she never had one, that she was joost some cyclops stranger from the Middle Sea!" In response, Geg pointed a finger towards her face.

"When you look like this and have done numerous atrocities, it's best to keep it secret. You know, the last guy I showed my face to turned to stone."

"What are you doing here? Truagha told me that you, the roommate, was on a quest of sorts." Geg nodded as she rubbed her carved shoulder with hot water.

"That is indeed true, a quest that will help me see my mother. By the end of this day I will ascend to the Ethereal Valley to join her!"

"Wait, if your mother is in the Ethereal Valley, and you look like that...then that it can't be...I feel sick..." Aderyn's mind fell into darkness as she slumped into the water, unconscious. The two creatures looked with blank eyes at the taut green stomach bobbing out of the water, the vampire, unfazed by what had happened in front of her, simply shrugged as she got herself out of the pool to dry herself inside.

"That's the first time I've seen her faint, you must be quite the thing wee girl. Croows! Bring me my robes and my waking salts!" The vampire barked out her order, and soon the crows emerged from the darkness to carry out their mother's orders.


Poolside relaxing leads Aderyn to encounter Geg as she truly is, and a horrifying implication occurs!

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Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016
Geg doesn't look that bad. She's actually pretty without her helmet on. :)
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's Geg?
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Didn't that was considered "scary".
Rez14 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I totally called it.
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