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Clash Of Giants by NyxenAvenger Clash Of Giants by NyxenAvenger
Deima, clad in her battle hardened suit, walked through the insides of the massive temple that laid within the centre of the Maw. The air that filled her nostrils was fresh with blood and burnt rubber and the expected silence was replaced by the screams of demons and men alike, willing and unwilling. This was not the lair of an overlord, but a living hell of sex and lust where none dare leave. Wendigan did not feel fear, but she felt something run down her pale skin as if a cold claw had stroked her back. She bumped into a demon in a bronze suit of armour, dazed from whatever had happened to him.

It was hard trying to find the place where the challenge would have taken place at, but after asking for directions from a demon clad in latex and a massive spike upon his groin she eventually found it. Apparently through the large intricate door in front of her lay the living quarters of the incubus lord himself, a strange place to hold an event of this size but she didn't care for the prize was all there was. She looked to her left and to her others had decided to come to this place, or that they did and were rendered bloody smears against the walls inside. She pressed her hands against the door and pushed it with all her might, these things would do with a bit of oiling she thought.

She walked through into the small arena, covered in heaps of torn muscle and bone and surrounded by a twisted balcony, of which the incubus lord Tash had rested upon this whole time. A giant hole laid below him, black as the night sky. He looked down across to see this new challenger, this looked nothing like the others. Her blue tinted armour looked so heavy and thick that no mere demon would be able to wear it. On her strong arms rested slabs of iron, a brawler's choice in his opinion. And adorned on her face was a single slit upon her armoured visor, showing nothing but black. He smiled at the great demon before standing up to formally welcome her, for this was the demon he had heard about from Augus.

"So, it's taken ten of the best warriors that my darling lords could buy in order to lure you out. Augus's mad beast I presume?" The demon nodded in response.

"In way. So, you are this Tash I have been hearing about yes? Lord spoke about you, not in high regard." Tash tittered as he rested his elbows against the edge.

"Lords like me are not often held in high regard, and I don't care. I like a little bit of pleasure, who doesn't in this grand city?" The lord stared at the armoured demon, who stood there unflinching and silent as the grave. Having forgot what she was here for he stood up.

"Ah, the challenge. You're here for that. I forget that you wendigan strive for battle in all manners of life, according to my scholars." He whistled down below. Heavy footsteps followed by the sound of screeching metal emerged from the giant hole. Slowly the giant figure emerged, two large malformed horns topped its clitoris like mask, of which large tubes of vile substance filled it. One arm lacked muscle and was clad in iron, while the other was overgrown and lacked it. A curved spike was present in the groin area, tipped with the blood of its last challenger. It bore a spear about as tall as it was, a bloodied tip followed down by the banner of its lord and below lay a massive iron gun, ready to blast its enemies off the face of this world.

Tash smiled down at his work, and saw that it was good. The giant breathed heavily through the silts as it stood there like an obedient dog.

"This was Balal, he didn't like me so I made him. Rushed, but the results speak for themselves. Should you ever best my champion then you will come through my doors, your prize will be waiting." The incubus turned around and made his way to the doors, before turning his head back to the two, his smile still present.

"If not, well...I've always wanted to experiment on a wendigan corpse."

Balal's roars echoed around the arena, as the challenger prepared herself.

The champion swung his spear at the great demon, forcing her to roll out of the way as the monster wildly stabbed at the ground. It grabbed the lower part of the spear and aimed as Deima was about to strike, the blast knocked the wendigan back a few yards. Her chest armour was intact, but she could not say the same for her chest. She bit her lip as the pain ravaged her lungs and it felt good, having felt this new high she jumped back up and ran towards the champion just as it was about to smash its armoured hand onto the floor. She grappled the fist and pushed it to the right, knocking Balal off balance. She gripped the bloodied groin spike and with all her might ripped it from its body, along with what remained of its groin, it roared in agony but was cut short as the wendigan jammed the spike into is right side, piercing both the lung and rib cage.

Balal knocked the demon back with its overgrown arm as it struggled to stand up, the pain was too great. It crouched on one knee, gripped the lower part of the spear and readied it for firing. Deima, unfazed by the knockback ran once again towards the champion as it fired multiple blasts from its gun in panic. Deima dodged the first two, but the third she deflected with both iron slabs. Enraged she jumped onto Balal's face and started to punch, each punch caused a deeper dent onto its face to the point where she could not tell whether she had reached the skull of not. Falling back down onto the ground the champion released the spear from its grip, leaving Deima with the perfect opportunity.

Out of instinct she slowly lifted up the heavy spear until it was above her shoulders, then with as much strength and speed she could muster she rammed the spear into the giant slit of Balal's helm with such force that the tip burst through the back of its skull. The creature gripped the spear in an instant before faltering, the bruised and beaten corpse fell to the ground in a pool of crimson blood.

Deima rubbed her bruised side and winced, that champion of his had dealt a great blow to her. Her hands trembled out of the amount of pain. But her resolve was unaltered as she eyed the intricate metal doors above.



There's very little talking in this, its mainly the fight that's the focus.

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"Welcome, to the Thunder Dome!"
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Just like how EVERY FIGHT should be!
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