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Call Me Augus by NyxenAvenger Call Me Augus by NyxenAvenger
"I do not think soul residue is not settling well." Deima groaned as she leaned back against the wall of the store, its owner perched upon the store window staring directly at the monstrous gut in slight awe. Mama Togo's was never usually open at this time of night, but she could not deny her lord when she came over asking for two cups of her renowned blood broth, even more so when she slammed a fat check full of demonic currency.

Augus tried not to look directly at her gut, but it was hard not to. The Mouth of Hell had seemingly pushed her appetite, not to its breaking point had satisfied it. The bodyguard winced as the soul residue slithered around inside, seeking a way to escape but never achieving in its goal. A sludgy growl emanated from within the pale orb, eliciting a quiet moan from her lips. Augus reached up to take the cups and offered one to the wendigan.

"Of course not, they never do. That's why I don't have them, it's easier to eat something that isn't wriggling around to escape. It'll go away soon, the blood broth will help." Deima promptly took it and peered into its bloody contents, it felt hot just holding it. She glanced to her lord, who necked it down in one, swift gulp. 

"If you say so, I feel so...huge."
She remarked as she too gulped the hot brew in one go, after a few seconds the soul residue and stopped moving around. Deima sighed in relief, at least that annoyance was done with.

"It's only going to feel more so after this night is done, mark my words." Augus spoke in clear arrogance, the bodyguard folded her arms together and edged closer towards the overlord. She looked up into the covering above as if deep in thought.

"I need to be asking this since it has been on mind for past few hours, do you like doing this?" Augus choked for a brief moment after hearing those words, before staring daggers into the pale demon.

"I don't know what heresy you're implying about but I do not." Deima smiled, she recognised when her lord was lying. She edged herself closer until her gut was pressing against her side, a bead of sweat fell down the overlord's scarred cheek as she looked away from her.

"You are right, no one would enjoy pleasure of taking most powerful warrior and watching her fall victim to own appetite. Bloating in size and power until she can not do anything but consume, and standing above her and thinking you have control over her. Yes, you are right." Deima tilted her head towards Augus, who began to feel enthralled by her presence.

"Just what are you getting at?" She asked in sheer exasperation, prompting the bodyguard to smile to herself as she glanced towards the dead, oriental buildings in front of them.

"I am thinking that you are caring about me, why else would you preside over feast before?"
Augus scoffed at that question, simply turning around to prod her claw into the pale demon's gut. Her voice began to crack with demonic frustration, how dare this demon linger on? She should had given up when the Mouth of Hell engorged her, and now she was wanting more, even if she did not show it. 

"I am not going to dignify that with a response, only know that this...stomach of yours is going to be ten times bigger by the time the sun rises! You are going to be my gluttonous monster, like it or not!" Deima's grin grew bigger as the lord took a step back, realising at what she had just said. 

"So you are caring about me, yes?" Deima placed both hands onto her hips. Augus let loose with an aura of flaming demonic energy as her eyes glowed bright red, she grabbed Deima's face and pulled her towards her eyes.

"NO, SAY ANYTHING MORE AND I WILL RENDER YOUR BONES INTO ASH!" She bellowed out with an angry distorted voice, the aura quickly evaporated and Augus staggered back, beads of sweat trailing down her face and into her mouth. Deima stood unflinching, but evidently bewildered. The lord could see it in her widened eyes. She spat out the salty taste in her mouth as she gasped for the cold air.

"By hell, I need another drink. Listen, do you want to get a drink at a bar? T-there's one down the street." Her hands were shaking from that outburst, she needed a good plentiful drink, no...five drinks to get over this. Deima simply patted her across the back as she beamed, a drink would do them both good it seemed to her.

"As you are my lord I will accept, it is not like I have choice in matter." Looking down she noticed her shirt riding up against her stomach, not wanting to look like this when they got to the next place she undressed herself, removing the shirt and placing it upon the window ledge. Deima gestured to Mama Togo to take this, as a offering to use in whatever mystic spells she would concoct, which she accepted happily. Her upper half was now glad in nothing but her gauntlets and her dark blue bra, there was pale, scarred skin as far as the eye could see.

"Did you really need to throw away your shirt? It's so...undignified." Augus muttered as they both walked together across the snow covered road, Deima simply gave a raw laugh in response.

"Dignity does not matter when you are as strong as me, besides I am sure everyone would like to see your work, my all powerful mistress." Augus glanced at her bodyguard, before wearily resting her head upon her muscle bound arm. The wendigan accepted this embrace as they both strolled down to find the bar.

"D-don't call me mistress ever again, just call me Augus."


And so the episode continues as the two demons sit back to have a drink, which ends up in Augus wanting another drink or two!

Hope you're enjoying this thus far, I know I am!
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Is it just me or does Deima look weird angle-wise?
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Bot, the girls are getting pretty big! Been a while since we've gotten some truly huge ladies in these parts!
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