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Bonding Through Wounds by NyxenAvenger Bonding Through Wounds by NyxenAvenger
Quite some time had passed since the battle, the great beast had decided to lie down upon the rocks to rest. Isabeth winced as she observed her palm, for upon it laid a deep cut from the wendigo's teeth. Fresh blood dripped down below, slightly discolouring the blue murky water as she rested her side against the entrenched arm of the Nar'ruk. She placed her bloodied axe to the side, bending down she reached down for a scoop of the liquid, the cold water touched her pale lips and for once she could enjoy the finer qualities of this often harsh land. 

The beast raised its head and with a slow hum it shook off what remaining water was left on it's hide, spraying most of it against the bulky demon's back. She turned around, unimpressed by its act. With slow consideration the Nar'ruk lowered its head at the demon, staring longingly at her. Though she was skeptical at first she raised her uninjured hand and brushed against the mask of the beast, the beast was wary but it was welcome to feel her touch. It closed its eyes and gave out a short squeal as it rubbed against her strong arm. A smile started to creep up against the sides of her mouth and for a moment it was if she had found another kindred spirit in this wasteland.

That moment was interrupted however, as the sounds and steps of crooked feet shook the tower to its core. The Nar'ruk stood up and its eyes glowed blue once again, hissing through the mask at whatever may come. Isabeth stood silent, it was clear that those three were not the only ones. But they were not heading towards them, she had assumed that they were heading further up north to the last remnants of the colony, for what purpose she did not know.

The rumbling died soon thereafter, and a small object fell right next to the demon. Picking it up from the murky water she was relieved to find that it was her battle-worn pistol, whom she thought lost in the battle against the wendigo, the barrel had been lightly scraped but it was in good condition none the less.

Taking note of the large, torn holes around the rusted, ancient walls, she made it her resolve to find a way out of the tower and head back home.


Episode 5 continues with a much quieter scene, where Isabeth and the Nar'ruk recover from the battle and slowly begin to form a bond.

Hope you enjoy!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks like they're still not alone.
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