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Blameless Children by NyxenAvenger Blameless Children by NyxenAvenger
The gray sky lit up the embedded hangar as Isabeth walked through the open entrance. Her shadowed figure faded and gradually exposed her new armour to the eyes of her dear friend, Taskmaster. The armour covered her chest and thighs with layers of deep aquamarine iron, the edges of her gauntlets and boots sprouted forth short, black, deadly spikes. Only her neck and most of her arms were exposed, save for a dark leather band wrapped around her right arm, a distant reminder of her previous gear. Wrapped around her torso was a bandoleer of lighter iron, carved with the details of a great serpent unknown to the old soldier. It held upon her back a mighty axe of fire, an axe that was as tall as the strongest man in the land. She carried upon her a large bag filled with strange metallic capsules.

He made no mistake that this was the armour of the Lordkiller, thought her had rembered that it bore much more armour the last time. Perhaps she had traded it in for more mobility, which was sound. From what he saw of the wendigo he knew one had to be agile in order to survive against such a foe, and he wondered to himself if he was right for this quest. His knees were not what they used to be back in his day.

He had brought an unique tank into the hangar, one he had been slowly working over during the years. He called it "Winterbane" and he intended for it to become another line of defense for the scouts and warriors of Sentinel Peak. It was equipped on the top with three barrels that could fire shots of pure hot plasma towards its foes, worked in on its front were snub-nosed barrels that shot out fire to sear the flesh of beasts, and lined below were countless numbers of engines big and small in order for such a monstrous amalgamation of metal to move around. 

Three children entered the place through a door, sneaking around the crates and containers until they came towards the pale demon, each bore a toothy smile as they gazed up in awe at her mighty armour.

"Nice armour Miss Beth!" The first girl in the purple headscarf spoke.

"Can we paint it? It looks dull..." The second girl in green clothing mentioned.

"Alina!" Replied the third girl in brown clothing.

"Can we, please?" Asked the first girl. Isabeth replied by placing the bag gently onto the floor, taking care so as to not disturb its contents.

"I have moment to spare, do as you will children. But be careful with spikes, do not want cuts on your fingers."

"Thank you Miss Beth!" They all spoke in unison, Isabeth responded with a thankful smile. She turned around to see the bored eyes of her old friend on top of the hover tank.

"Are you finished painting with children? We do not have all day." He grumbled as the pale demon grabbed the bag, climbed up the metal side and stood next to the hatch, she placed both hands upon her hips.

"Have some heart, old friend. These children are future of town, it is duty to carry their hopes and dreams with me to battle."  Taskmaster rolled his eyes as he lowered down into the tank.

"There is part of me that wishes that I was tolerant of children as much as you, a small part." Isabeth crouched down to peer down at the old man.

"These children are blameless, they do not deserve judgement Monarkh will place on world, should he succeed."

Isabeth climbed through the hatch and entered the spacious area of the Winterbane. Wires covered the roof of the interior and lead down to the mechanical workings of the tank’s weapons. Taskmaster laid out a map upon a small table fixed to the side of the hull. It was old and mapped out most of the land surrounding the town based upon reports from the scouts. He turned his head towards Isabeth and coughed through the mask.

“So where do we go?”  He asked his friend. Isabeth placed the bag to the side and walked over, she pointed a finger towards a vague area of the map towards the north, there were very few lines outlining the area and a single skull rested in the middle of the area.

“We go here, there is an abandoned post. I first found out true extent of wendigo here, where I was ambushed. Heard horde pass through post, lair of Monarkh is closer than I thought.” Taskmaster's eyes widened at the map, before reverting back to normal as he pressed several buttons towards the front of the tank. He peered into a screen showcasing what the map had shown, and pressed his finger onto the blank area. 

"Autopilot, enjoy trip..." A static quality drunken voice rang out, soon the engines started to purr and the pale demon felt the tank lift off beneath her feet. She stumbled, grabbing onto the table so as to keep standing up. She was used to ripping apart tanks, but not being inside them. Taskmaster sat back and pulled out a bottle of beer and two shot glasses from the small shelf lurking beneath the chair, his aged face softened as he twisted the top open. He poured one glass full and raised it towards his comrade.

“Then we will head there, and look for clues.”


The finale continues as Isabeth and Taskmaster prepare to go off on the journey to find and destroy Monarkh's evil, and Isabeth gets a new paint job to her armour courtesy of the town's children!

Hope you enjoy!
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theamazingworldofatt Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Awww how cute:)
jaxnation15 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Student Digital Artist
final of the series or the season?
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kids did an awesome job. :aww:
NiGHTS5 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Student Artist
ChaosDeflier Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Reminds me of a rhino, from 40k, but it hovers
TheUltimateDong420 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought this said Boneless children at first glance
TaurusTE Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018
This is SO ADORABLE! It's really nice knowing that a big, fierce demon like Isabeth can be seen as a rolemodel to the kids of the town X3
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