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Battle Of The Predators II by NyxenAvenger Battle Of The Predators II by NyxenAvenger
Tytan wiped his gauntlets of Xanon's blood and threw his corpse to the side. Acauldrus looked to Xyr, who was visibly shaken from seeing what she saw.

"HE HAD THE LUXURY OF A QUICK DEATH, YOURS WILL NOT. YOU STOLE MY PROPERTY, AND NOW YOU FACE JUDGEMENT." Tytan shouted towards the balcony, Acauldrus knew deep inside that he meant her. Moitioning to Xyr to keep quiet, she hurdled over the balcony and onto the ground, knowing her fate.

"YOU REEK OF A PREDATOR, BUT HERE YOU ARE PREY! WHEN I AM DONE WITH YOU I WILL TAKE DOWN THIS WHOLE FUCKING FORTRESS AND MIDREALM ONE CORPSE AT A TIME!" Tytan rushed up to Acauldrus to eviscerate her with his claws, which she barely dodged. She tackled him to the ground to try and land a few punches, but Tytan's lower arms clawed deep into her stomach, making her roar in pain before Tytan landed a sharp fist onto the side of her head. 

Dased and heavily wounded, she tried to regain ground by escaping, but Tytan's armoured tail pinned her tentacles. With no means of escape, the mad and guttural laughter of Tytan ringing in her ears, she closed her eyes and awaited the bliss of death.

But death did not come, she opened one eye and looked to see Tytan's chest pierced from behind  by a crimson blade. Tytan could not speak for it went through his heart, he could only bellow and choke as rivers of blood flowed from the holes in his mask. She realised Xyr was behind him, with a look of fear, courage and anger mixed up together.

"That's for my friend and my father!" She thrust the blade out of Tytan's chest and with her other hand struck at his mask with all her might, ripping it off of his face and exposing the real Tytan. His decayed lower jaw was barely hanging onto his mouth and pink entrails stuck out of his throat like worms on a fresh infected wound. Tytan choked and vomited blood from the pink entrails as he tried to speak, but the death rattle soon came.

Acauldrus watched as Tytan's bloated body fell to the ground, Xyr shakily turned around and ran up to her. A deafening explosion could be heard outside of the throne room as she saw many bright red embers soon fly down the cracked windows.

That was all she could remember before she blacked out.


Xyr saves the day!

Enjoy, only one more piece left and this story arc will be complete! Hoped you have enjoyed the ride so far, I sure have!
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
That's what I call a satisfying death.
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy bloodbaths, Batman!
Snake-TheApocalypse Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
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