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Battle Of The Predators I by NyxenAvenger Battle Of The Predators I by NyxenAvenger
Having gone through hordes of Tytan's soldiers just to reach the top of the Hive Fortress, they had finally made it. Acauldrus climbed onto the balcony exhausted, Xyr held on the ledge. Having had her sword in her mouth to the whole they had been climbing up the fortress , she offered her hand out to Acauldrus quickly. Acauldrus grabbed on to it and using her remaining strength pulled Xyr on to the balcony. Regaining their breath they made their way inside to the Court of Xanon before the storm of war could reach them, where Xanon took refuge with the Malecendum.

As he stored it inside a secret container kept within his grotesque throne, he noticed the two running straight towards him.

"Thank Parachk you are safe, hurt but safe." Xanon stroked the side of Xyr's head, which Xyr resented with contempt. Acauldrus lay on the steps leading up to the throne, tending to her wound.

"You sure this will withstand Tytan's forces?"

"Of course, these doors are strong. Nothing can get through them."
Xanon meekly smiled at them both, before a large bang could be heard outside of the room. The screams of many daemen followed, ending in silence.

That silence was shattered when with a single blow, the doors of the throne room burst apart. Tytan had come.

"GOOD EVENING, MOTHERFUCKERS." Tytan exclaimed in his usual angry deameanor.

"Tytan, you have made a grave error attacking my province! For that you shall suffer a fate worse then death!" Xanon shouted at Tytan as he slid towards the grotesque being.

"I think we better hide, lest we get annihilated by this cosmic clash." Acauldrus whispered towards Xyr, Xyr nodded and they both made their way up to one of Xyr's favourite hiding places, the upper balcony of the court.  Tytan noticed the commotion happening behind Xanon.

"YOU BETTER HIDE, COWARDS." Tytan shouted towards the two, before getting a cosmic blast in the face from Xanon.

"My daughter is no coward!"

Tytan jumped up into the air and punched Xanon in the face with such strength that it sent him reeling into his throne. Xanon regained his ground and darted towards Tytan, his fists glowing with blue energy. Tytan darted towards Xanon too, with red energy flowing from his claws. The two hid behind the covers of the balcony as the ensuing blast engulfed the Court, followed by smaller but still volatile blasts.

Xanon's strength gave him an advantage, as he delivered cosmic punch after cosmic punch onto Tytan's body. But Tytan had twice as many arms as he had, so with each blow Xanon delivered gave ample time for Tytan to deliver bloody gashes onto Xanon's body. Xanon persisted with his cosmic blasts until Tytan struck deep at Xanon's chest, cutting his heart in two. Xanon struggled to get up as Tytan grabbed his arm and with his sheer power ripped it from him.

Tytan listened to the cries that came from his enemy, the enemy that had defiled his face. Enjoying every second of it, Tytan then put his hands on Xanon's scarred head, and as quick as a flash snapped Xanon's neck like a twig.

The body fell to the ground. Xanon, the ruler of Underrealm, was dead.




Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 11, 2015
Xanon, no! I was starting to like him.
Snake-TheApocalypse Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
NOOOO! Who will avenge Xanon?
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh shit, XANON!
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