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Awoken Nightmare I by NyxenAvenger Awoken Nightmare I by NyxenAvenger
Augus had heard of this...entity before, through tales told by crazed psychic demons during her time in the northern regions of China. The Lord of the Dream was once an overlord many centuries ago that consumed power wherever he went, none were spared on his path of excess, from the lowly halfbreed to the highest lord they all shared the same fate. It was only through the surviving overlords pooling their resources together that the demon was banished from reality itself, but while his mortal form was destroyed his writhing essence endured. He consumed his own mind, becoming nothing more than a ravenous mass of shadow stuck between stasis and anti-stasis. Said crazed demons warned that through dream channelling it had a chance of manifesting the entity into the dream and that overlords were guaranteed to have it, for their near limitless power attracts it like a lighthouse towards a ship.

She never believed it until now, just fucking typical she thought. She wanted to have a day where she could just let loose and kill everything on sight, and here she was staring down at ancient being intent on consuming her soul while she slept. The entity's three mouths gave out an unholy roar towards the two demons and raised it's open fist, the eye on his palm began to glow brightly. Before she could do anything Deima quickly hoisted the lord onto her back and started to run away from the mindless being.

"What the fuck are you doing? I had it under control there!"
She shouted, the wendigan looked up at her.

"I do not know what in hell that thing is, but if it is going to kill you I am not going to have that happen!"

The eye blasted a bolt of raw pink energy behind them, cracking the ground wide open and coating their backs in strong heat. The overlord responded by pressing her large middle against the back of her bodyguard's head, and with a hellish scream she blasted forth a red beam of energy from her palm. The beam hit the side of it's maw, it roared in pain as it tumbled onto the side of a nearby tower, tearing it apart as the hundred of residents inside screamed. The entity had been knocked down but not phased in the slightest, as it jumped from the ruins of the tower and onto the side of the building. Deima ducked and weaved around it's claws as they dug into the ground, cracks formed and the floor started to crumble from the sheer force. 

Deima found it harder to keep her footing steady, but before she could stumble Augus fired another bolt of furious energy at the being's palm. It roared in anger as it smashed it's malformed head on top of the building, causing the floor to collapse below them. As they fell into the lower echelons of the tower Deima grabbed the overlord and wrapped her arms around her corpulent body, pressing her chest to hers as the wendigan's back smashed against the smooth stone ground.


The episode comes closer to it's climax as the two face the Lord of the Dream in a battle for survival!

Hope you enjoy!
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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's a big'um. 
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very nice ^^
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That's actually cool!
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