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Atonement by NyxenAvenger Atonement by NyxenAvenger
The revelations that Isabeth found within the ruins out north had troubled her, and the knowledge that there was a gathering army of wendigo troubled her more. In the past few days she had asked her husband Urkar if there was a way to better combat this growing threat. He said that he could create a weapon capable of such things, but that it would take time.

As the days and nights passed Isabeth remained seated in her husband's humble workshop, waiting for the inevitable call for her weapon. She glanced at her husband, who wore nothing from the waist up and bore only a concealed mask with a single black slit from which he could see out of. Part of her mused that he was doing it for show, he would have made for a strong warrior had he not lost his arm, but she loved him all the same. The sparks flew out from the anvil he was working upon, as the metal drill carved its way into the smooth iron. She yawned as the tiny fragments attacked her face to which she swatted them away as if they were but flies.

A dusty piece of large paper dropped onto her lap, she grabbed it with mild intrigue. Her pale fingers slid down upon the ancient wendigan language, inscribed by long dead warriors. It showed a depiction of a large axe, edges seeped in flame, and below a list of materials to create it.

"You lack materials." She simply responded, looking towards her blacksmith husband who nodded. He grabbed a piece of iron below the anvil and adjusted the lever on his arm for another round of carving.

"I do, I have everything I need to create weapon barring one key component."

"And that is?"
She questioned, everything on the paper she understood except the last word next to an orange rock. It was something she had not learned and Urkar recognised that, he pointed the drill towards the paper.

"Firestone, it is called firestone. I do not have it, but I will soon." Isabeth raised an eyebrow as she stood herself up, arms folded.

"How come?" She asked, Ukar forced the drill onto the iron, cutting intricately and meticulously around, one wrong move and the base of the weapon would be ruined.

"I requested your old human friend to retrieve Firestone from ancient hunk of metal, far north east from here." Isabeth stared out to the land outside, even after all these years that towering automaton remained in this land. Taskmaster was still as ever the crazy fool, for many traps and falls dotted the interior of the metal giant.

"The Giganta?"

"Yes, on off days I had found it in great quantity. Never had use for it until now, he is preparing to head off with group of soldiers. You should join him, in case he breaks hip carrying it back home."

"Very well, you look like you can not stand me here for another day husband." She grabbed his waist and pushed him against her chest, her face beaming with delight. 

He lifted his mask up to kiss her wife upon her scarred cheek, it always bolstered her spirits embracing the warmth of her talented husband. Letting go she began to head off to meet up with Taskmaster in that thriving community below, leaving Urkar to his work as he forced the drill onto the side of the iron once again. Great and powerful weapons like these could not be rushed so quickly, especially if you only had one hand.


Episode 7 begins as Isabeth is sent out to help retrieve the firestone needed to create the weapon!
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