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Arduous Climb by NyxenAvenger Arduous Climb by NyxenAvenger
Her hand gripped upon the damp ledge, and with all her strength she lifted herself up. Her foot gripped the other ledge below as she observed her surroundings, much to the dismay of her overlord who had clutched on her back and her horns throughout the arduous climb. Deima had grappled and lifted many demons in the past, but her boss had to be the heaviest demon she had to bear the weight of.

Any other servant would have their body broken in half, but the only thing she felt was the painful clicks of her spine as she jumped from ledge to ledge, searching for a way inside.

"Damn it, let me know when you're about to jump! At this rate you're going to have me fall to my death!"  Augus shouted as her hands gripped hard onto Deima's horns, her leg slipped in between her bodyguard's arm so that she could clutch onto her more. It was a strange feeling, years of being above everyone else and now she was so close to a demon of lower status than her.

"I am sorry, it comes natural to me." The lord looked down to her bodyguard's shapely legs and saw that hands took place where feet should have been. Never in her life had she employed a bodyguard of that trait, she would have not known about it had Deima unfastened her boots mere moments ago.

"How are you able to do all this? This is unnatural." Augus questioned as her bodyguard looked up towards her, the back of head gently pressing against the overlord's plentiful middle.

"It is what kind is good at doing, we have extra pair of hands to climb mountains. At least that was what mother used to tell me, hold on." With a burst of power she jumped above the ledges, reaching several stories above before clinging back onto another few ledges above. She grunted as the lord clung onto her even tighter, to the point where she could hear the frantic beating of her black heart.

"That's the first time I've ever heard you talk about your mother." Deima sighed as she looked above for any means to get inside, there had to be an open window somewhere on this goddamn tower.

"You did not ask, it is...easy to understand why. She taught me to hunt, fight and climb when I was small. She would be brutal when training, but it was for my own good." The tense grip softened ever so slightly, almost as if something had resonated within Augus. With steady arms she wrapped them around Deima's pale neck, moving her horned head to the side of hers. She refused to believe it but it seemed that she had begun to trust the demon with her life. It made her look weak, but then she could not deny Miss Luvenka's loyalty to her.

"Not just your own good, it's also for my good as well. You're pretty alright at the whole bodyguard job, with the amount of times you saved my ass..." Augus sighed as Deima spotted a large hole far above, bored into the side of the tower by some greater being. Deima prepared herself to jump as Augus held tight  

"There is opening above, hold tight." 

The pale wendigan leapt above with a final bout of primal strength, her hands ready to grip the edges as the wind violently pushed against her face.


New story piece as Deima, with Augus on her back traverses the outside of the tower as signs of trust begin to appear between the two.
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Extra hands?

That's a pretty unique touch for Wendigans. :)
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