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An Ancient Beast Unearthed by NyxenAvenger An Ancient Beast Unearthed by NyxenAvenger
The pale demon crept amongst the crevices of the old rusted ruin, intent on finding the source of the noise. Isabeth's tracking skills had led her towards a small arena high up inside the tower, green moss covered large dusty cables that centered towards a monolith-like processing unit. From the way the arena was designed it was hard to tell if this was a place of machines or a place of worship, whatever it was the colonists sure did love their technology. The fact that the unit was still running stood true to their devotion, even if the bottom half of it was covered in the damp growth.

Isabeth walked forwards for she could not make out the strange furry clump next to the unit, the only light that could aid her shone from the hole high up above the wall. The furry clump started to move and shape itself as it had noticed the unknown trespasser, two paws slammed onto the metal ground as its large tail swung against the heat of the unit. The whole creature's body was covered in masses of fur, two yellow eyes peered out of the stony mask-like face as it wearily snorted at the demon.

Isabeth laid down her weapons slowly, for this was no ordinary creature. 

This was a Nar'ruk, an ancient species that walked upon the snowy wastes before her kind ever did. The elders in her tribe always referred to them as snow dragons, for it was said that they could spew forth scorching flames that seared both flesh and stone. Her kind thought they had all died out long ago, but they were wrong for one still breathed. She knelt onto the cold ground, hands up into the air to show that she meant no harm. The Nar'ruk cocked its head to the side with newfound curiosity, before slowly creeping up upon the demon. It emitted a whistle-like roar from the slits in its mask before stamping its paw upon the ground, having judged the trespasser as a potential threat. Without question she picked up the weapons and slowly backed out, before a scent slivered past her nostrils.

The cold scent of death, and it was even stronger than the last time. She sniffed and darted her eyes towards the hole in the wall, what was once light was shrouded by three ominous figures. Two of them were large, had elongated limbs and sharp claws, while the one in the middle was cloaked by some sort of veil.

The figure raised its bony arms into the air, each hand tightly wrapped around a crude sword if it even was a sword at all. The Nar'ruk looked towards the creatures and roared towards them, to which the middle figure pointed its swords towards the beast and screamed at it with eternal fury. Isabeth gripped her axe and her pistol tight as the two wendigo leaped from the edge to subdue the beast, no way these guys were going to kill possibly the last surviving member of an ancient species on her watch.


OOOO smells like a fight is going to happen!

Hope you enjoy!
Mikefrightmare Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017
Very nice um what are you fighting? 
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wilderness protection!

No one hurts an endangered species on Isabeth's watch!
AlduinGijinka Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017  Student General Artist
Fluffy! :0
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