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All Hail Monarkh by NyxenAvenger All Hail Monarkh by NyxenAvenger
Through the twisted corridors Isabeth went, and through the twisted creatures she fought. The fight was long and arduous, even when she had sweeped clean through a group of wendigo there were legions more that sprang forth. Countless numbers seeped through every crack and crevice upon the damned titan, the best she could do was run.

It was the only option she had to take if she were to survive a while longer. Then she saw it, bright light piercing down upon a spiral staircase heading upwards. The screams and wails of the wendigo became silent as they neared towards the light, becoming indescribable mumbling and roars of fear. It was an unusual sight to see, but it was as if something was stopping the horde from entering this specific place. 

As the horde slowly stepped down back to the cavernous depths, Isabeth looked down onto her arm. That crimson fiend had really pierced through the dragon scale mail, her eye twitched as she palmed the bloody wound and waited for a few seconds to pass. She promptly turned around and made her way up the stairs, the light enveloped the demon as she saw the winter skies above. When she had reached the top she stepped onto a large snow-covered platform, with the remnants of people still upon it. To her left a large copper monument stood, made up of three figures.

An angel to the left, a hooded man to the right, and in the middle stood a monk. Both the angel and the hooded one held up a large cross that had pierced through the monk's skull and neck. Upon the cross lay a skinless bloody corpse, flayed and naked to see, save for the face which was covered by a helmet. This was the unfortunate fate of Ugoyov, and upon seeing this display Isabeth had to wonder what would have done this-

"Well, I'll be..."
A guttural sound caught her attention, and in front of her stood a cloaked monster of a wendigo, equally as tall as herself. His lower half was clad with steel-tipped boots and iron knee pads, on his waist adorned a great iron skull and a flowing, tattered robe. From his ruined coat a red, vein-like growth was present on his shoulder, slightly pulsing as he tapped his skull topped cane upon his clawed hands.

"Fate has brought us here, from the moment I took your blood into my veins I knew that one day this would happen! Forgive my manners, I am Monarkh." His words were distorted and muffled by his great iron gas mask, but they had a...wet and sticky feel to them, as if blood spat from his mouth as he spoke.

"Tell me, what is a winter demon like you doing so far south? And by what boldness brings you into my kingdom?" Isabeth snorted as she placed her thumb onto her broad chest.

"Your kingdom? This is my land." Monarkh chuckled as he swung his cane towards the flayed corpse above.

"Consider it territorial expansion, as you can see I have already marked this metal corpse as my own. If it is of any comfort he died a painless death, I snapped his neck." Isabeth stood, unflinched by his attempts to intimidate her. Then she remembered the note she had found on Tiana from many moons ago.

"Take this gift, make the sacrifice." Monarkh stared at her, at least that was what it looked it. He prodded his cane up below his mask, as if to ponder.

"Ah, the girl. That is how you found out, I did not expect her to be so foolish. At least she is dead, she would have only sullied my legions." Isabeth gripped her pistol tight as he walked back and forth, his gaze fixed upon the sentinel.

"You are not like the others, I can already see that. You bear scars like your kind but wear your armour as one of the far south. I know what you and your pitiful friends came here for, you think to destroy me!" As quick as a flash the demon fired a plasma shot towards Monarkh, who swiped it away with near perfect accuracy. Isabeth rushed at him with her axe, as the wendigo looked down on his cane he noticed that she was running at him, to which he humorously coughed.

"Oh, it does not matter. Everyone in this world shall be remade in due time, the only question that remains..." She swung her axe down, to her surprise the monster had blocked it with his hand while he still looked onto his cane. He took a step as his face came ever closer towards hers, all while he coughed and spluttered.

"How do you choose to die, dear Isabeth?"


Isabeth and the enigmatic Monarkh confront eachother for the first time!

This took longer than expected but hope it was worth it!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, he's only made an appearance once, but Monarkh already makes me cringe. :iconshiverplz:
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

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