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A Worthy Challenge by NyxenAvenger A Worthy Challenge by NyxenAvenger
Back in Sentinel Peak Zhīzhū was but a humble servant, but in the Maw she was the roommate to her lord's mad dog. Deima initially did not bother with room service until she read that they did food as well, thirty tons of bratwurst and trout entered the room and a pile of green came out to the joy of the servant demons. The spider girl wondered as she sat on the couch if this demon was not of their world, the last time anyone had consumed that much their guts spilled across the table. The muscular demon stood outside on the balcony, sipping some foul substance out of a bottle fit for a giant.

The sounds of the night sky and the thumping noises inside the city were interrupted as a giant hologram rose up from the depths of the capital, showing an equally large blue-skinned demon. Though Deima had not seen him she guessed that this was the Tash she had been told about, he looked cuter than she thought. His figure drew sinful thoughts from the wendigan, something she tried to repress as the spider girl made her way next to her.

"Greetings you peons! The Huluntar is going great as expected, I imagine you all are enjoying the pleasures of my kin!" He grinned as he placed his hands upon his enormous thighs, the spotlight was something he loved and to be in front of millions was the greatest thing he craved, that and strong guys.

"Before this day is done I have an event to announce. Behold one of the great artifacts of the Maw! Once consumed it will grant you, or your lord, increased power and strength! A perfect gift if I must say so myself." He bent down to pick up the relic, and it was a glorious relic to behold. Yellow blobs, unformed and reformed throughout the black blob hooked onto burgundy chitin. He grinned once again, but it was more out of malice.

"So, if any demon is brave enough to enter my lair and defeat my champion. You will have this, and my...respect." His words ran through everyone like steel upon flesh, Deima stood there as the hologram vanished. Her heart was in her throat which prompted the demon to stroke it, this was not becoming of a good guard but fuck it. Her lord would be safe enough around her lackeys for now, besides...that gift looked pretty nice.

"Spider, open up Goliath armour." She finally spoke, pointing the girl towards the steel case right next to her. It was lucky she possessed the keys, the overlord had gave her them for safe keeping for she could be trusted. She muttered as she took out the keys and placed them into the locks one by one.

"You're seriously doing this? Who knows what damned thing he's got stored for you." The demon shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

"Lord gave me job with good pay, this will be fitting thank you gift."  Zhīzhū sighed, she was stubborn but she to admit she had her heart in the right place. She twisted the keys, and with a click the case opened. Deima took out the contents and made her way back inside to change.

"Very well, if that is what you want. Just don't surprised if you end up like the last one, bloated, mindless and eternal slave to the needs of the succubi." Deima laughed as she patted her colleague on the back, she would be feeling that for the rest of this night.

"It will not come to that, I just ate."


The plot continues as Deima takes up Tash's challenge and gets ready to face his "champion".

Hope you enjoy!
endecis15 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
there gonna be alot of actions and that view is both awesome and sexy love the demon cyber punk slash 80s to it
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I feel a tournament arc coming up!
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