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A Wendigo Among Us by NyxenAvenger A Wendigo Among Us by NyxenAvenger
"So how did old man like you get into mess?" She asked Taskmaster as they casually walked across the frost-bitten streets. The old man scratched his mask with wrinkled fingers as he thought back to the last night.

"Shot the suspected beast last night, thought it was a rat or something. Blew its arm off, I think."

"You think? Did you see arm?" 
She questioned.

"By the time I saw it, it had dissolved into a putrid black puddle." 
Isabeth was puzzled over his answer, but the time for answers would soon come as they came across the entrance to the large, complex science facility.

"Is strange."

The doors flew wide open from the kick of the great demon, surprising the shaken scientists and botanists inside. Isabeth lowered her foot as she marched through the humble reception and into the main facility, followed by Taskmaster who had trouble keeping up with her. The walls and interior were all covered with police tape and deep claw marks, everywhere she went she saw an abundance of such things, with the odd dried blood stain now and then. Through the many doors you could hear many people inside, some loud...some silent. Death was king here.

The central area was vast if not shabby, giant air fans dotted the sides ventilating the putrid and musky air. Barely anyone was inside, the silence was deafening save for the internal workings of the facility. One prominent figure stood amongst the injured ones, the chief scientist and main witness to this...crime. His moustache bristled in the warm air as he took his eyes off the metal tablet to look at the two unlikely faces.

"Thank god, it is you."

"I hear you had beast problem last night, came from the inside yes?"
The scientist meekly nodded as he rested his arm on the metal railing, he pinched the sides of his nose.

"It all happened so fast, we were working and studying the properties of the land's fauna, then this monstrous creature burst out from Tiana's quarters. It was rabid, every swipe was like a sword slashing through your skin. By the time we came back to our senses it had left the facility. I will give you a great sum of money if you can avenge my dear friend, I beg you." Isabeth gestured her hands to tell him to stop begging, she didn't like it.

"Do not worry, I will take up contract. But who is Tiana girl you speak of? I know everyone but she sounds like new face." She scratched her chin as the side of her thigh leaned upon a nearby table, before she realised it had bent under the immense pressure.

"She isn't, she tended to keep to herself. Tiana was our geneticist, a skilled one at that. We would always come to her to study the genetic coding of the plants, or the beasts if we were lucky. She was killed by the beast, her body sent to the mortuary for analysis." He pointed towards the small room next to him, the metal doors were battered from the sheer primal strength this beast had exhibited.

"Will check out her quarters. I must know where beast came from, you stay here old man. Chat with smart man while I do job."

Isabeth had to crouch to enter the place, this was not meant for a Wendigan to enter. Almost immediately her backside clashed against the mangled counter from behind, spilling the remaining liquids onto the floor. She sighed to herself, her figure was not as slim like it was during the wartime years, a price to pay for the comfort of family. She carefully navigated around the scarred area, making sure not to step on anything that would cause this place to go up like a firework. She knelt down onto the blood-stained floor, a vat of liquid was hidden amongst the bottom cupboards, it exuded a weak green glow. She reached into the shadows and brought the vat into the light.

What she saw stirred a mighty fury in her heart.

"Are you sure the corpse was hers? It was unrecognisable when we saw-" Taskmaster saw the large demon emerge out from the room, a vat of green liquid containing a severed limb in one hand and the other clenched shut and shaking with anger. Her eyes blazed with righteous anger, a loud growl seeping through sharp teeth. She breathed in, Taskmaster winced.

"Alright smart people, DOES ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS?!" Her voice boomed like a violent storm, everyone in the vicinity jumped and looked towards the large demon. Some looked at each other with confusion and uncertainty, she had noticed. Taskmaster rolled his eyes towards the head scientist, who by now was gushing beads of sweat from his forehead.

"Great." The old man muttered under his mask, Isabeth pointed at the limb bubbling inside the vat. It was grey like her skin, yet perfectly preserved save for the patches of exposed muscle.

"IS WENDIGAN ARM, PLAIN AS DAY, HOW DID GIRL GET SUCH THING!" The head scientist was met with a deathly glare right in front of his face, he could not look away out of fear for his life.

"I-I don't know! We do not study your kind as previous attempts resulted in the numerous deaths of our staff! But what has this got to do with the beast that killed our colleague?" Isabeth leaned back and massaged her forehead thoroughly.

"You are mistaken, beast did not kill this Tiana girl. It is more that Tiana is beast herself, she is Wendigo! She exclaimed, the scientist stepped back from the sentinel and processed the hard hitting words she had just spouted.

"That's impossible, a girl like it can't be..." He fell back onto a nearby chair to mourn while the demon left him in peace. As she stomped her way back out to town the Taskmaster ran in front of her, holding his hands up to stop the demon in her tracks. He leaned back to catch whatever breath was left in his lungs.

"I'm sorry, but what is this fucking Wendigo you're talking about?" He wheezed from the holes in his mask, to which Isabeth simply shrugged her broad shoulders.

"They are most dangerous creature in entire world, if you take out me. That is all I know." The old man glared at her, as if he wanted more information from her.

"That's all you know? Surely there must be someone who knows more about this, yes?" The demon nodded as she scratched one of her horns.

"Yes, I have one in mind. He knows more than me that is for sure, get yourself ready my friend. We are going to hunt very soon." She walked past the old man as he stood there, on one hand he was secretly excited to go out hunting with Isabeth like old times, but on the other he had no clue what the fuck a Wendigo was.

"How soon?" Isabeth turned her head, putting her thumb over her shoulder as she walked backwards towards the entrance.

"I need to clear up unfinished work first."


OOO It turns out one of the humans had been harbouring a Wendigan arm inside the lab, and may have potentially turned into a Wendigo. Now what is a Wendigo I hear you ask? Stay tuned for the next story pic, which will explain what a Wendigo is and why it's so dangerous for the entire town.

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Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016
A Wendigo is a Native American monster of cannibalism.
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How did she get her hands on a fucking Wendigo?!
NyxenAvenger Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist


Rez14 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Well then, this brings things to a whole new level.
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