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A Sign From The Cosmos by NyxenAvenger A Sign From The Cosmos by NyxenAvenger
"M-master Gor'gahn!" A voice was heard inside the cathedral, which woke up the scarred underspawn from his slumber. He rushed down to the ground floor to see a sister of the Shidan exhausted and bleeding on the floor, without haste he laid by the side of her and pressed his hand onto the wounds.

"What happened to you?"

"We were a-attacked on the eastern wall...great crimson cloud filled up the sky! I made it out a-alive. He has come back from the ground...Krazoa is coming for all of us, he will be here soon!"
The sister fainted soon after, alarm was on Gor'gahn's face. His master's killer was back from the dead, and the countless lives of underspawn was on his hands, including his twin sister. After using an ancient un-hai technique to heal the sister's wounds, he rested her on a nearby bed and rushed up towards the high garden, where he hoped to find an answer to this great trouble.

Meanwhile Argus stood in front of the tree where Ar'dalla was still sleeping at, having had a restless time sleeping. She looked at the carved figure holding the Celestus, and out of curiosity began to mimic the figure's pose. It was only then that Gor'gahn burst into the garden, all troubled and worried.

"Oh hey bro, why ya acting all weird?"

"The most horrible of events! Krazoa has come back!"


"Agh, long ago there was an cultist warrior named Krazoa, and he found a way to steal the souls of our kind. He came here many centuries ago to destroy the Celestus and consume all of us, but he was imprisoned by my dying master. Now he's back, and he will kill us all unless the Celestial Sage is found."

"Oh god, how're we going to do that?"

"I don't know, it all seems pointless now..."
Gor'gahn fell to his knees onto the grass in despair, Argus was about to comfort him until she noticed a peculiar thing.

The tree was starting to glowing a bright red all over, and the falling leaves transformed into cosmic energy. One by one they swirled all around Argus's plump body, causing the underspawn to look around in confusion. Ar'dalla slowly woke up in a dazed state, Gor'gahn looked up and was taken aback, a sign from the cosmos perhaps?

"Bro, what's happening?" Argus started to get worried as the energy flowed faster around her.

"A sign from the cosmos!" He exclaimed.

"A sign from the Dreamrealm!" The halfbreed exclaimed, receiving Gor'gahn's ire.



"Guys I don't care what it's from, what does it mean?"
The glow started to fade away, and the tree reverted back to its natural green colour.

"I'm not sure, but I think it means that-"

"You are the Celestial Sage we've been waiting for! See I told you so, the dreams are always right!"
Ar'dalla smiled a smug smile at her husky underspawn friend, who looked at her with slight contempt.

"Sure, what she said. Listen I know ya only been hear for a day and ya settling right in. But if this means what I think it is, then I must train you in un-hai, but that is entirely ya choice to make. Though I will add there is a supernatural soul-eater coming our way!"

"Bro, all my life I've been wondering if I was ever worth anything, cause I'm always just the one who eats stuff. But I want to be more than myself, more than If the cosmos wants me to be more than myself, then I am willing to learn un-hai as ya sister, even if there's a good chance it ends up with me having my soul eaten!"
Argus smiled as she stood proudly, her brother, glad to hear her words, proceeded to head off to his quarters.

"Great, we will start the training at dawn. I'll get Ar'dalla to wake you up should you oversleep, the fate of Midrealm is in our hands."

The halfbreed sat back against the tree and looked towards Argus, who was still weirded out from the whole experience. As she dozed off to dream her many dreams she muttered:

"May the dreams guide you to your destiny, sage."


News of Krazoa reaches Gor'gahn, and Argus receives a strange sign from the cosmos...

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WinWinStudios Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
oddly beautiful I love it
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Thanks man!
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Argus looks cute here. I love how her sweatpants sat Yum on her thigh.
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Prepare for un-hai!
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