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A Duel Of Demons III by NyxenAvenger A Duel Of Demons III by NyxenAvenger
The roars deafened the fallen demon's ears as she collapsed into the snow, near the edge of the platform. Isabeth's strength had been drained completely, if she had crawled over the icy edge she would have fallen down into the chasm below. It would have broken her body, but at least it would have given her a chance to escape this cursed titan. All that was now impossible, as a steel-tipped boot smashed onto her bountiful chest with such force that blood gushed from her mouth. She coughed and struggled to breath through the crimson liquid as the horde surrounded her, if Monarkh was not there they would have ripped her to pieces. Somehow this wendigo had a certain command over his brethren.

Monarkh loudly coughed, wiping away drops of the sentinel's blood seeping down from his mask.

"You have grown old and weak, winter demon. I admit that your will is like iron, but iron can be so easily...broken." He applied further pressure onto her chest, watching her groan as she weakly bashed her bloody fists against his foot. Satisfied that he had won over her, he turned to his soldiers who stood by his side, waiting for his eventual orders.

"Take her back to our kingdom and crucify her onto our walls, she will watch as our weapon destroys this world. I will kill the sentinel when it is done, so do not lay claws on her." The wendigo advanced forward and raised forth their clawed hands to grab her. But a loud whistling roar emanated from above, catching the soldiers off guard as they looked up towards the ruined walls. It was a large shadow, perched upon the top of the wall! The shadow observed the horde with yellow eyes, before its eyes glowed a bright blazing blue.

"Oh, the beast." Monarkh gave out a small cough before the shadow descended down upon the horde, it slashed their putrid bodies with its claws and turned the oncoming waves into ash with its fiery breath. Monarkh let go of Isabeth before turning around to face the beast head on, eagerly throwing his whip around in preparation. Though she was weak the sentinel had sensed a narrow opportunity to escape, with all that she could muster she crawled over the icy edge.

As her battered self fell into the black chasm below she could hear familiar roars and blue flame pouring above the platform, before her mind and sight slipped away into darkness.


The fight comes to a crushing end as Monarkh triumphs over Isabeth, but an unlikely ally comes to save her in her darkest hour!

Hope you enjoy!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn, just how strong is this Monarkh?!
ChaosDeflier Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Shit, guess I was wrong
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