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A Duel Of Demons II by NyxenAvenger A Duel Of Demons II by NyxenAvenger
Isabeth aimed her fist towards the iron gas mask of Monarkh, but was stopped as his lashes swirled around her arm. In a brief moment he drew them back, cutting open the pale flesh and muscle. She clutched her arm in a futile attempt to prevent the blood from gushing out. Her suit was in tatters, ruined by the blackened claws and the vicious whip of this iron tyrant! Whatever remained of it was smeared with blood seeping out from her many wounds, half of her scarred face was covered in red and she could barely see out of her left eye. Most people would have fainted at this point, but her will was not so easily broken.

In a fit of primal rage she jumped out towards him, as he was about to crack his whip against the demon she knocked him down with a well placed knee to the head. The blood splattered against his mask and his tattered robes as he dropped the whip from behind, he did not expect such anger within this...demon. She crawled over and began to strike against his mask with her bruised, cut fists, intending to knock him out. 

"Such arrogance..." He thought, her punches slammed against his head with such strength that they shook the very ground on which they stood, any more blows and she could break through. As he attempted to reach towards his weapon, Isabeth took out her combat knife from the remnants of her boot and attempted to pierce the eye holes with it. The wendigo lifted his hand up and allowed the knife to go through his palm, he felt nothing but his wretched blood as it flowed down his arm. He grabbed the end of his whip and cracked the lashes against the side of Isabeth's head, she roared as he kicked her off with his boots. He slowly stood back up as the demon crawled around the snow.

Monarkh looked upwards, before emitting a loud whistle throughout the arena. One by one the wendigo crawled out from the cracks and crevices from which they had eagerly watched this fight, one by one they gathered around their master. He raised his weapon high up for all to see, eliciting a response of roars and screams as his hordes cheered for him.

Everything was hazy to Isabeth, her fingers felt numb from the cold as she struggled to see what was around her. She could feel a sickening mixture of blood and snow, before feeling her spine smash inwards as a steel clad boot smashed into her back.


The fight continues as Isabeth puts up her final assault against Monarkh! This is getting pretty bloody now, just the way I like it!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, damn. This is getting sick. 
ChaosDeflier Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I'm callin' it early she's gonna die
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