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A Duel Of Demons I by NyxenAvenger A Duel Of Demons I by NyxenAvenger
Monarkh smashed his cane against the side of Isabeth's head, staggering her for a brief moment. The bloodied sentinel fired her pistol towards him, but for such large being he was nimble as he rolled across the snow covered platform, dodging the hot plasma that would weaken him. She fired once again, but he rolled towards her and gripped the barrel. With a burst of primal strength he crushed it, rendering the pistol useless. Angered, she threw it towards Monarkh to which he deflected it with his skull-topped cane. The demon held her axe with both hands, and blocked the undead's calculated assault upon her. Every time she parried the blows the wendigo's black claws sliced deep through the dragonscale mail, causing great pain to her body.

Her arms and legs started to sting against the cold winds. Her suit had become damaged and cut by his claws, blood seeped from the wounds as she kept on fighting against this ruthless adversary. It was like he knew every move she was about to make and it infuriated her, she would not be bested by this arrogant corpse!

But blow after blow, her axe began to falter for the very first time. Chips and cracks appeared upon the head as his cane smashed against it, she kicked the wendigo in the chest and swung around to strike at him. She managed to cut off a smidgen of his tattered robes before going to strike one again, but Monarkh knew better. He swung it towards the demon and the two weapons smacked into each other, in an instant the axe cracked into pieces. The demon stumbled, before she could think she felt the blunt edge of his cane bury deep into her ribs, the blow sent her reeling back on the snow. She slowly crawled to her knees, and after a brief moment to recuperate she stood back up.

Monarkh paced back and forth like a patient snow fiend, coughing as he went.

"A shame, in another life you would have made a worthy general. It is great irony that a demon of winter seeks furious fire to destroy me." He gripped the skull top and slowly loosened it, putting the skull into his tattered pocket. Strands of hard, thin leather came rolling out from the end. Caressing it, he then swung it around. The cracks of the wendigo's dreaded whip could be heard throughout the titan, striking intense fear into the dreaded hordes inside.

Isabeth held up her fists in defiance as the wendigo stared towards her, she could tell that deep down he had become incensed by the hunt.

"Then I will send you to the ashes, for that is your fate."


The fight begins, as Isabeth finds herself up against a more clever foe than she anticipated!

SwordSparks Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, I'm scared for Isabeth!
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