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A Cancer On All by NyxenAvenger A Cancer On All by NyxenAvenger
Urkar peered into the large sack, and smiled at the contents. All the pieces and parts to make a new boiler were now in his hand, though it was only a day it had been far too long since he had embraced the warmth from such a machine. Isabeth stood there, arms folded against her bountiful chest as she searched for the cabinet inside this makeshift hut.

"Is good, all is there. Did it cost much this time?"

"Tech merchants always cost much, three contracts worth for that. Put it to good use."
Isabeth ordered as she unbuttoned her green shirt and threw it to the side, pale fingers worked upon the cabinets' metal locks. She flung the doors wide open, inside was her prize caped armour. Such armour had seen many conflicts and great hunts, it's leathery exterior slightly worn from the fangs and claws of beasts.

But the blue vernscale suit underneath never aged, for it looked just as fresh as the day she cut it fresh off the unfortunate wyvern. Flexible yet tough, she thought as she took off her trousers and started to fit on the vernscale leggings. Urkar tried not to look as he moved the materials over, he would save glancing at his wife's backside for later. 

"Of course. You have taken longer than usual to get such things this day, has something happened?" Urkar questioned as he rummaged through the pile, to which the demon replied by fitting her chest into the upper half of the suit, she brushed off the cape that had fallen upon her horn.

"Do you know much about Wendigo?" Urkar stopped in his tracks, he looked around to his armoured wife with a cold expression upon his scarred face.

"I do, but why do you want to know? Do you not know anything about it?" Isabeth grabbed her axe leaning on the inside of the cabinet before running her fingers against the cold steel, all while looking at her husband with unblinking eyes.

"There is one lurking in this land, and I must kill it. I only know that they are strong." Urkar chuckled as he leaned back against the carved wooden table, his hook supporting his posture. The smile faded soon after as his eyes narrowed slightly.

"Strong? Wendigo are a cancer on all, we Wendigan are imbued with great might and strength that crush all who oppose us. But humans or lesser demons will go to great length to take such power, and so they consume our flesh. Crime against natural order does not go unpunished, sheer power in our blood twists their minds and bodies until they are but hungry beasts." The sentinel peered into the glow of the magma pool next to her, she placed her hands in front so as to warm them, tonight would be colder than most nights.

"How do you kill such thing?" She asked. The blacksmith prodded into the magma with his hook, when he took it out the tip had turned a bright hot orange.

"Fire, only by burning the flesh will it be killed. It will not be easy task, it is much like you, except mindless and savage." Isabeth nodded, before stomping out into the cold outside. She felt weary about it all, but was prepared for the danger ahead.

"Good, many thanks." Urkar stepped out from the warmth and stood behind his wife, his hook leaned against her scaly shoulder.

"You are angry, yes?" The demon turned around, her eyes were daunting and fierce as they peered into the blacksmith's own.

"Yes, why would one of our own town people commit this crime?" Urkar simply shrugged his large shoulders.

"I do not know. Some lust for power, even when it destroys them. Part of job is to make sure that their lust do not destroy others." Isabeth looked away from him, staring down towards the town she had helped rebuild and cultivate. Reflection was rare amongst her kind, but she sometimes wondered if it was all worth it. She snapped back into reality as the blacksmith grabbed her by her sides and drew her close to him, he smiled as he scratched his long and bountiful hair with his hook.

"I will make you supper if you come back alive, it is rare that us demons survive Wendigo hunting." Isabeth's ears perked up at the enticing offer, it had been a busy day of going back and forth grabbing all sorts of things from many places, and although he only had one hand he could make a mean feast if he so wanted to.

"If this is as dangerous as you make it out to be, then it would be best to make it big supper." Her smile was wide as her appetite, the demon blacksmith eyes widened at her suggestion, a feisty grin slowly crept onto his face as he pointed the hook towards her face. If she desired a filling meal then by all his ancestors she would get one if she came back, in fact he would make a meal fit for a powerful warrior like herself.

"Warrior as always." He chuckled. With newfound desire in his heart he stomped off into the house, leaving the sentinel alone to ready herself for the hunt ahead.


Isabeth asks Urkar for help regarding the Wendigo, and he offers to make her a meal she won't regret if she survives the hunt.

Enjoy my first deviation of 2017!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, this will be good!
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Indeed eheheh!
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