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Chibi Seto by Nyx-moon Chibi Seto :iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 9 0
In Keeping With Kaiba pt 6
A Tale of Two Bouquets
It wasn't until someone actually tripped backing away from you during your morning commute that you realized that you had been scowling the entire time. You had hardly slept, and considering what happened the day before-nope, nothing happened the day before. No room for blue-eyed brunets in your thoughts today, definitely not ones that made you start trembling in anger. You had too much work to do and you didn't want to waste time trying to explain to everyone your bad mood. Making the effort to smooth your face back into the politely-interested, neutral expression you wore on the job, you managed to walk into KaibaCorp headquarters without making anyone feel uncomfortable.
Since you couldn't use your computer during the work-day for analyst work, you spent the last few minutes before you reached your desk e-mailing Yamashita-san on your phone about scheduling a meeting with him. You were walking with your head down, and so didn't notice the crowd of peopl
:iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 1 0
Devorak Parents by Nyx-moon Devorak Parents :iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 0 0 Manabu Irie OC by Nyx-moon Manabu Irie OC :iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 2 0 Yukina Painted by Nyx-moon Yukina Painted :iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 2 0 Kisara by Nyx-moon Kisara :iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 3 0 Mireille MC wip by Nyx-moon Mireille MC wip :iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 0 0 In Keeping With Kaiba moodboard by Nyx-moon In Keeping With Kaiba moodboard :iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 1 0
In Keeping With Kaiba pt 5
Kaiba Corporation
You glanced at the clock; it was already half-past five. Most of the employees have trickled out by this time, but a few stay behind. KaibaCorp didn't pay overtime, but they didn't really require it, either. You worked until the job was done. If you were done by five you could go, but if you needed to finish up an assignment you were expected to stay as long as it took. Right now was fine, but during certain times of the year, this department could be so busy that plenty of people practically lived in the building. You hoped to have moved on by then.
In order to begin your work as Management Analyst, you needed to understand how Kaiba Corporation worked from the inside. Normally, you would just observe various departments to do this, but you figured that if they knew that an analyst was looking over their shoulders, all of the employees would be working as diligently as possible, skewing the results. So instead, Yamashita would make it known that the chosen MA
:iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 0 0
Mireille Color WIP by Nyx-moon Mireille Color WIP :iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 2 0
A Feudal Foreigner
You walked down the street, phone in hand, looking around desperately. You didn’t recognize anything, and Google Maps was definitely wrong. This was residential, not a shopping center! You held up your phone, praying that Google Translate would reveal something useful on the road sign. Nope, nothing you recognized. Dejected, you put your phone away and started looking for someone to ask. There was no one on the road with you, and the houses looked empty. At this time of day, most people in the area must be at work.
You had been comfortable with taking a trip to Japan alone, even with your limited Japanese. Everyone assured you that Google was good enough to get you around, and even if you did get lost, the people in Japan were usually pretty helpful. You grumbled and kept walking. Eventually, you’d find someone.
A few streets over, you saw a set of steps leading to a shrine. At last! Not only would you be able to find someone for directions, but you’d also be able to
:iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 1 0
Fan Apprentice- Mireille by Nyx-moon Fan Apprentice- Mireille :iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 5 0 This is not what I intended by Nyx-moon This is not what I intended :iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 5 0 Relevant to IKWK by Nyx-moon Relevant to IKWK :iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 1 0
In Keeping With Kaiba pt 4
You Better Work
"Mokuba," said Seto, voice raised over the din of the hostess bar, "you shouldn't be in a place like this. I told you to call if anything came up."
Mokuba shook his head and handed Seto a folder, which he immediately flipped open. "There's a problem with the acquisition; I knew you'd want this right away." Curious, Mokuba tried to look around but Seto crowded him, holding the folder so as to restrict his field of vision.
After a minute of study, Seto closed the folder. "This needs my attention. Come, Mokuba. We're leaving." He grabbed Mokuba's shoulder and steered him towards the door, only pausing to say a word to Koichi before exiting.
Behind a nearby plant, you let a deep breath out slowly, trying to calm your pounding heart. You weren't ashamed of what you had done with your life since the last time you'd seen Mokuba but right now, wearing bold make-up and a garish outfit, he wouldn't understand what you had done to better yourself. You hadn't been able to se
:iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 3 0
In Keeping With Kaiba pt 3
Hachimitsu House
“Another hard day at work, Takeda-sama?” you asked, pouring the middle-aged businessman another drink. “You seem tired.”
“Ah, we always have the same problems day after day. I really wish I had someone I could depend on; all of my employees have to be walked through every step of the process. It really holds up production.” Takeda took a deep sip of his sake. “It is such a relief to spend time here like this.”
“We’re happy to provide at Hachimitsu House,” you replied, using the catchphrase for the Hostess Bar where you currently worked.
“But here,” he said, beckoning you to move closer to him on the couch. “I don’t mean to bore you with work details. Tell me a little about you.”
Takeda was not one of the handsy customers so you laughed daintily and sat beside him. “Please don’t take yourself lightly, Takeda-sama. I greatly respect you, and appreciate the h
:iconnyx-moon:Nyx-moon 7 3


HIEI. by MaewenMitzuki HIEI. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 77 13 Hiei by Dorapz Hiei :icondorapz:Dorapz 68 7 Free Time by zillacore Free Time :iconzillacore:zillacore 9 8 Vintage Typewriter Danshi: Williams Typewriter by Cioccolatodorima Vintage Typewriter Danshi: Williams Typewriter :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,167 8 Pose Ref 2 [kabedon] by padirice Pose Ref 2 [kabedon] :iconpadirice:padirice 16 2 Having the same expression as your drawing by Cioccolatodorima Having the same expression as your drawing :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,939 117 Blue Eyes Cocktail     + Free Lineart by ARCatSK Blue Eyes Cocktail + Free Lineart :iconarcatsk:ARCatSK 202 78 vincent / hiei of yu yu Hakusho / Ghost Fighter by frankie032213 vincent / hiei of yu yu Hakusho / Ghost Fighter :iconfrankie032213:frankie032213 9 0 The Arcana - Portia by Laureth-dk The Arcana - Portia :iconlaureth-dk:Laureth-dk 226 6 The Arcana - Mountain Man by Alexiel-VIII The Arcana - Mountain Man :iconalexiel-viii:Alexiel-VIII 82 19 Drinks as Anime Dudes! + Water by Cioccolatodorima Drinks as Anime Dudes! + Water :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,488 81 Usagi and Yuyu (com.) by katewind Usagi and Yuyu (com.) :iconkatewind:katewind 118 27 Template for The Arcana MC Bio by Hasana-chan Template for The Arcana MC Bio :iconhasana-chan:Hasana-chan 97 8 High Renaissance artists as high school students!? by Cioccolatodorima High Renaissance artists as high school students!? :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,016 49 Sexy Kuwabara Commission by MMHinman Sexy Kuwabara Commission :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 28 9 Yusuke Urameshi Fanart by Yeyou-Submarine Yusuke Urameshi Fanart :iconyeyou-submarine:Yeyou-Submarine 27 1

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Sorry I don't have anything interesting for you.

I love this thing tho:
free counters

I want a flag from ALL THE COUNTRIES.

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"There is a time and a place for tomato basil rice crackers. And that was neither the time nor the place. They tasted like ass. Not that I would know."



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