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Sailor collar tutorial

Here is a tutorial for how to create a sailor collar - I made a Sailor Mercury collar, but it can be used for other things besides Sailor Moon costumes, such as school uniforms - just modify the pattern as needed!

Pattern: [link]

Print it out and paste it together. The Eternal Sailor fuku sleeves are also here. I may draw out and scan a new version in the future, but I don't have access to a scanner over the summer.

-Please follow my cosplay on Facebook for more progress photos, tutorials and such!-
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Out of curiosity, about how much fabric (yards-wise) does one of these tend to use?
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Well, I'm not sure how well the pattern will survive the transition from Letter to A4 paper, but it'll be useful to try. :) (Smile) 
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Did you sew in elastic for the fuku? LIke in the neckline and leg holes?
XaiIrken's avatar
This is great, thank you!
rnko26's avatar
sweet so helpful
itsnicolebee's avatar
thank you so much!!!! :)
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Love it, thanks for posting!!
GingerJuju's avatar
This is lovely, thank you. I'll help quite a bit with my Elizabeth cosplay.
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Thank you so much!
In terms of sewing what does cutting into the fabric do? (14th image)
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You're welcome!
It helps the fabric lay flat and not pucker when you flip it right side out.

Here's a link that shows it more:
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Thank you! :D
It'll be so helpful when I do sleeves!
curious-case-of-cas's avatar
It makes the curve more natural looking.
RosaCosplay's avatar
Ohh! I see, thank you for the info! :D
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