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Sailor Moon style bow tutorial

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This is the method I used to make my bows for Eternal Sailor Mercury, and similar to what I use for most of my bows, especially the very stylized Sailor Moon manga bows or any bows where rectangles just don't give the right shape.

This is the pattern I refer to in the tutorial. Feel free to print and use as is, or modify it for your purposes!
The pattern is for a small manga style Sailor Moon chest bow.

Recommended fabrics: matte satin or taffeta

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Thank you so much for this! I'm using it for a Rena Ryuugu cosplay I'm making and this will be perfect for her bows. I was just wondering if you could tell me the dimensions you used for the butt bow? I'm assuming it's just the same pattern scaled up a bit? Thank you again!

Edit: nevermind. Read the full instructions. XP
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for the bust bow on the fold, why does it say 'cut 2 of interfacing?
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Sorry, late reply because I never get on DA, BUT it's because doubling up the interfacing makes these bows look SHARP. :) You don't have too though. Also depends on your fabric and bow size.
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so is the size of the print the size its suppose to be?
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very usefull thanks!
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This is an absolutely fantastic tutorial, thank you so much for posting it!!! :)
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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm making a cosplay of eternal Sailor Jupiter and I needed to redo my bows since they are so floppy XC
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Thank you for making this! I've been looking for an easy bow tutorial for months... and I now found it! :)
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Yay! Glad to be of help!
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woa a bow tutorial i understood! awesome! thanks so much for this <3
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Yay! I tried to make it super clear with the pictures in the text. I'm glad it makes sense. :D
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This looks so amazing <3 I've been using rectangles but this looks so much better with only a little more effort! Thank you for sharing your techniques as always, it helps soooo much!!
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Yayay! I hope to see more Moonie costumes from you soon (and maybe on the little one~!) Rectangles work fine for most bows, but the SM manga bows are drawn so oddly.
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