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My Little Pony:FiM: Lasso of Honesty!



I had so much fun playing with my lasso!! This costume is my own original design of Applejack as a spandex-clad masked superhero. So much fun!

Photo by JW Cosplay Photography…

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Construction notes for anyone curious:

Fabrics used: orange/brown - matte milliskin sold at Spandex House
green/brown on jacket and glove trim - faux suede from JoAnn
heat transfer vinyl from Heattransfervinyl4u on Ebay

I began with Green Pepper's Willamette racing suit pattern. It is very true to size, so go with your actual measurements, and it should fit! I have skinny arms, and wanted a snug fit, so I did take those in. I created a mockup from it, and drew on where I wanted the seam lines to create the brown "chaps." Then, I cut the pattern pieces and added seam allowance where those two pieces met. It also has attached, sewn in feet with a pump inside and rubber soling on the bottom.

For the vest, I modded the jacket pattern I previously used for Nico from Love Live by taking it in significantly. It's faux suede on the outside and a heavy matching bottomweight lining it to give it some structure. I made my own bias tape from the same fabric in brown and did a decorative machine stitch with embroidery thread over the top.

I used Crash Culture's stretch glove tutorial (and my Asuka glove pattern), adding a wing to the top of the glove. The top of the glove has interfacing and a facing of the same brown fabric. I made bias tape out of the suede fabric and did a decorative stitch over it (to match the jacket).

The hat is from Shepler's and painted darker brown with floral spray. The mask was cut from a cheap plastic mardi gras mask and spray painted. The cutie mark and apples on the gloves were applied using heat transfer vinyl. The belt was simply sewn from 2 strips of red vinyl and interfacing. The belt buckle was made by my boyfriend for my first AJ costume from metal and powder coating.
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First Mistress Mare-velous cosplay I've seen - and it's fantastic!