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Art Meme

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Published: September 26, 2007
© 2007 - 2019 nyu

Anyone who would like to join, just download/save the image and draw! If you submit it to your DA, please do link me! I would love to see them! :3

This is purely made for fun, so just do it as a whim~


I guess enough people have asked me about this, so I should add the answer here.
Yes, you can use pencil, pen, mouse, laptop touchpad, and whatever ways it pleases you to do this meme. You could either print the whole meme out or draw your pictures on paper, scan it, then paste it under each questions. If you don't have a scanner, I guess using a camera to take the picture could also be an idea. :B
Also, there is no actual rule to this meme. Just use your imagination and have fun with it! :3

And lastly, thank you everyone for having such fun with my meme! I definitely love looking at your versions of memes. Sorry if I can't get to yours despite having posted a link to it. @__@;;
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greenmartaHobbyist Digital Artist


Art Meme
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73WolfHeartHobbyist Digital Artist
This looks fun! I read through it and thought of answers to the questions. I promise I’ll give you credit!
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Amy-Art-PileHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the meme!
Art meme by Amy-Art-Pile
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I shall take this and store it, in hopes of one day I'll be able to do it:D (Big Grin) 
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WillowTheHedgehog19Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nyu's art meme by WillowTheHedgehog17  I was bored.Giggle 
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IoNiZeDSPRiTeHobbyist General Artist
actually had fun, thanks for making this.  This meme by Nyu by IoNiZeDSPRiTe
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SapphicRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
Art Meme by DejectedPaintbrush Done :3
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AngieStarsStudent Digital Artist
It was fuuun!
Nyu's Art Meme 2018 by AngieStars  
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Insane-AlchemistHobbyist General Artist
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EyehelTheTrashHobbyist Digital Artist
ok so i have to do this
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LpspawesomeStudent General Artist
Nyas Art meme by Lpspawesome  
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oOThreeEyedCatOoHobbyist Digital Artist
What a lazy girl by oOThreeEyedCatOo
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DinaMNealey Digital Artist
I did it!

Dina M does Nyu's Art Meme! by DinaMNealey
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Hey, thank you for the fun time! :heart:
here's mine!
art Meme by TheAcciuga
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Bendy-Ritsu-ChanStudent Digital Artist

Took me so much but here is mine
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kats-kreativeHobbyist General Artist
Nyu's Art Meme by kats-kreative  

Check it out! :D 
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kiyomi0chanStudent Digital Artist
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AlexAnimaHobbyist Digital Artist
Nyu's Art MEME by AlexAnima
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HalloweenLeafsHobbyist Digital Artist
*cough cough* do you have to be tagged to do it or can u just do it if ur not tagged becus i dont really want to wait for someone to tag me to do this XD
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summer-leah98Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nyu's Art Meme by summer-leah98
I did the thing! 
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clee3rd Digital Artist
Heres my attempt:
Nyu's Art Meme attempt by clee3rd
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CaroFBHobbyist Digital Artist
Nyu`s Art meme 2017 by CaroFB i did a thing X3 its so longe XDD
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