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We are based on the Nyotalia creations of Hetalia. All are welcome to come and join, with OC's accepted as well as the male counter-parts of the Nyotalia characters. Our Mission: To spread the wonders of Nyotalia!
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Italy approached Germany and said she wanted them to go on vacation.  Germany asked "Where do you want to go, dear?"  Italy said she really liked going to the beach and she knew of a cottage they could rent for a month at a cheap rate.  Germany said "Fine, lets go there!"

Germany borrowed America's surf board.  Japan would join them in a week.  America said that she would meet Germany at the cottage and retrieve the surf board at the end of the month.

The cottage was not far from the ocean.  On the first day Germany and Italy went to the beach.  Italy wanted to watch Germany surf for a while before she tried it.  So Germany waded into the surf carrying the board.  The water was cold at first but she got used to it.  Soon she was up on the board and after a couple of spills she got her balance.

Finally Italy was ready.  She said "Eek!" when she felt the cold water.  Germany explained how to get on the board and some other basics.  After many spills and much laughter she was getting the hand of it.  They were having fun.  After a while they returned to the beach to rest up.  Germany sighed contentedly.  Italy whispered in her ear, Germany blushed and they both laughed.

To their great suprise they met China and Hong Kong walking on the beach.  Italy invited them over for dinner and they accepted.  Later Italy told Germany "I'll show China how octopus is to be cooked.  We're having calimari!"

Germany and Italy purchased the ingredients Italy would need and began making the calimari.  Both girls remembered struggling to eat live octopuses on a challenge by China.  They both felt that it was barbaric to eat something live.  Finally the time arrived and China and Hong Kong came for dinner.

Fortunately chopsticks were provided by Italy and Germany so their guests could eat comfortably. Rice was served as well.  China said "The calimari is very good.  But I prefer live octopus, it tastes better to me.  It seems like Westerners have an aversion to it."  Germany suggested that it was cultural.  Hong Kong rarely spoke and always deferred to China.

China asked if they had America's surfboard.  Italy confirmed that it was so and that America would be at their cottage in about 3 or 4 weeks.  And that Japan would join them soon.  China said that what would make it perfect would be that Russia was at the beach too.  She said "I love to tease Russia and America!  America always tries to be polite and not be offended and Russia is so prideful.  They are so funny!"

The next day Germany and Italy were back out on the beach.  They took turns surfing and played games.  They hid under their beach umbrella when the sun was strongest.  They were suprised to see Russia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine walking on the beach.  They stopped to greet Germany and Italy.  Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine seemed dissatisfied.

Germany announced that Russia was an excellent surfer and suggested that she could demonstrate her prowess.  Russia was naturally proud of her surfing skills and wanted to impress her guests.  She picked up the board and went out into the surf and proceeded to surf.  Germany took the opportunity to ask Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine what was going on.  Ukraine said that although they were independent now they still had to show respect to Russia.

Japan arrived and she settled into the vacation.  She enjoyed herself too.  Early one morning Japan noticed China and Hong Kong playing in the surf.  She suggested that they give them some privacy so they can let their guard down and have fun.  China and Hong Kong were giggling and splashing about in the surf.  So they got their privacy and some bonding time.

American sent word that she and Canada and England would arrive two days before the end of the month, if it was okay.  The arrived with permission.  America and her companions would stay at the cottage for another two weeks into the new month.  Italy felt that England and Canada were very beautiful but seemed to hide it.  On the last night America prepared a clam bake as a way of saying goodbye to Germany, Italy and Japan.  It was a big hit.

America promised not to tease Canada and England and they promised to not tease her.  America used her surf board while the other two played in the surf.  Canada and England wanted to sunbathe so America rubbed sun tan oil on them.  Eventually the three women were playing and horsing around and having a good time.  China and Hong Kong stopped by to needle America.

America was in such a good mood that she didn't let it bother her.  Russia showed up solo and China mentioned that she had heard that Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania had been visiting her early on.  Russia replied "Da, they have moved on."  America said "Its great to see all of you!  I know that Russia is a good surfer and have heard that China is too.  I have two surf boards, so why don't we have a contest?"  Russia and China agreed.

Both of them got off to a good start.  Unexpectedly a very large wave caught them by suprise and manhandled them.  They were spluttering, etc. when they emerged from the chaotic surf.  America said "Are you both okay?  I don't think there was a winner or a loser this time!"  China and Russia were disgruntled by the outcome but had had enough of the surf for that day.

Later on it was decided to hold the competition a week or two later.  They would be competing for the championship of all of Eurasia.  They would be judged on skill, gracefullness, technical perfection, etc
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Fem!China Character CD Lineart by Ask-APH-fem-china Fem!China Character CD Lineart :iconask-aph-fem-china:Ask-APH-fem-china 15 12 Gakuen Nyotalia by GGTheOtakuHero Gakuen Nyotalia :iconggtheotakuhero:GGTheOtakuHero 249 83 .:Loveless:. by sasuino20 .:Loveless:. :iconsasuino20:sasuino20 83 23 APH- My Female Poland by Oljum APH- My Female Poland :iconoljum:Oljum 40 13 Nyotalia by CATGIRL0926 Nyotalia :iconcatgirl0926:CATGIRL0926 413 17 HETALIA NYOTALIA - Do Svidanya by SlumberPoppy HETALIA NYOTALIA - Do Svidanya :iconslumberpoppy:SlumberPoppy 851 63 nyotalia : canada by peachbunny27 nyotalia : canada :iconpeachbunny27:peachbunny27 539 22 Nyotalia--Time For Bed by xxx-TeddyBear-xxx Nyotalia--Time For Bed :iconxxx-teddybear-xxx:xxx-TeddyBear-xxx 1,305 133 Nyotalia: 'Man'-dies by fir3h34rt Nyotalia: 'Man'-dies :iconfir3h34rt:fir3h34rt 1,219 157 Nyotalia Axis Powers by TechnoRanma Nyotalia Axis Powers :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 2,784 188 Nyotalia ciao captain by TechnoRanma Nyotalia ciao captain :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 2,067 144




We are a relaxed and fun loving group of the Genderbend world of Hetalia! The Girls of Hetalia! Here you can RP, hang out, chat, look at artwork, submit artwork and just plain have fun with the fandom! Male versions are okay too!

You just got to love the genderbends, and love Hetalia!

We don't bite but we have a few rules on Joining.

1) You must participate in the group, doesn't matter how you do it, just put in the minimum just so we know you still care about the group.

2) you can only be one character.

3)Please do not harass each other.

Now for the application! (only for characters with one or more people already claiming said character)

1) your name and the character you want.

2) an example of your RP (Don't be shy about it either)









Here is our character listing, we do take OC's and the male versions as well. Remember these are Nyotalia versions.

United States of America- :iconhetalia-nyoamerica: :icontheik2:

Canada- :iconjadenfangirl:

China- :iconchrissythecat:


Japan- :iconcanadawho42:


South Korea- :iconthis-happiness:

Hong Kong-

North Italy- :iconkitsuitachan:

Germany- :iconthequeenmonica:

Romano (South Italy)- :iconfemkorea:

Spain- :iconangelicbubbles:

Belgium- :iconask-malebelgique:


Hungary- :iconobissia:

Belarus- :iconsolitary-aleksandr:

Russia- :iconpartypeacock:


Romania- :iconchocoxcookie:


Austria- :iconsasuino20:


England- :iconpanda-diasaka123:


Prussia- :iconiminlovewiththesky:

Ancient Rome-


Ancient Egypt-

Ancient Greece-


Holy Roman Empire-



Switzerland- :iconsaelinlee:



Poland- :icongamermel7:




Sweden- :iconask-aph-fem-china:

Iceland- :iconjennysaphireleyla:

Norway- :iconfemnorge:

Denmark- :iconanaknox:



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