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Another stamp about candy :'D It's meant to look like one Fazer's salmiakki candy wrap, or whatever it was owo Well, anyway... salmiakki xD
Requested by :iconsamiraku: C:
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They sold salmiak lakrits at IKEA! I'm an American with Swedish heritage, but I think salmiak licorice is nice!
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Tää on liian ihana!
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Salmiak licorice is a nice candy, but I honestly prefer Dumle.
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I don't like Dumle myself very much. The filling is too sticky. I prefer Marianne and Omar.

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Wait.... there are candies under the name Marianne and Omar!?

Hmmmm, might as well have those.

Other than that, I also like Daim.

One think I must have, and that's "Turkisk peppar!!!!"
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Yes. Marianne is peppermint candy with chocolate filling, and Omar is a solid but soft fudge candy.

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Ohhhh, I understand now.

One of my goals is to travel around the world and learn various languages.
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Well, that sounds great. :3
If you come to Finland, I also recommend you to visit Panda's factory shop. It has very great bundle offers and their candies are delicious.
There's a map.…
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Hurraa, tää on ihan paras stamppi!!! :la:
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Pitää syödä tietokone, kun se on musta, eikä löydy salmiakkia ☻
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in Germany its named "salmiakko" >.>
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Salmiakki is good XD
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Jeeee!!! Täällä oli salmiakki stamp :heart:
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There's nothing better to eat salmiakki when your throat's not in a good mood. And salmiakki flavoured coughsyrup is the best! Sitä vaa ei ymmärrä ku kaikki muut maat näyttää vihaavan sitä... Aijaijai...
And officially the best salmiakki commercial ever: [link] XD
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Salmiakki :heart: Parasta.
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Luulin jo ettei täst oiskaa stamppii mut jes löyty :XD: salmiakki :iconiloveyouplz:
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Hooray for Licorice!
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Brothers Licorice and Salmiakki! \o/
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Orochimaru8's avatar
(Finnish Licorice of course!) ;D
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