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bowtieBar 1.6.3

By nyolc8
Minimum Bowtie 1.4Beta Recommended

My second theme for Bowtie: bowtieBar 1.6.3
Tested with Bowtie 1.3.1 and 1.4beta, 1.5.
Update 1.6.3 (2012.07.17.):
I promise this is the last update today :D
- Shadow added when scrolling and scrolling mechanism fine tuned.
- Tweaked update notifcation a little bit.
Update 1.6.2 (2012.07.17.):
Sorry for so much update on one day, but I just found these as I started to use the theme.
- Not all cover image filled the albumart area perfectly, this is fixed.
- Fixed another typo.
- Fine tuned some color and shadow.
Update 1.6.1 (2012.07.17.):
- Albumart and Quick Pin icon position fix.
- Fixed a typo.
Update 1.6 (2012.07.17.):
- COMPLETELY REDESIGNED to match Mountain Lion Notification Center Design.
- The bar is now narrower.
- The controls now have background in Transparent Mode.
- Spring Setting is disabled by default.
- Hopefully fixed the scrolling finally in Settings.
- Code fix-ups.
Update 1.5 (2012.07.15.):
- Redesigned to match Mountain Lion Notification Center Design. (New background, new switches, future UI changes in plan)
- Fixed a bug in Settings.
Update 1.4.3 (2012.07.03.):
- Modified the settings panel scroll function mechanism (visible only on smaller resolutions)
- Glow Effect turned off by default.
- Hide the bar after 6 seconds by default.
- Modified the update info style.
- Added small description for Glow effect and Transparent mode switches.
Update 1.4.2 (2012.07.02.):
- Fixed border opacity. (note: the preview image on this site not updated yet)
- Updated in-theme preview image.
Update 1.4.1 (2012.06.30.):
- Border made thinner to match new OSX versions Launchpad. (note: the preview image on this site not updated yet)
Update 1.4 (2011.11.16.):
- (NEW) Optional Transparent Bar Mode.
- Track Title, Artist, Album Art now have smoother fading.
Update 1.3.2 (2011.11.15.):
- Switches animation smoother.
(This update is mainly for testing the Update Notifier)
Update 1.3.1 (2011.11.09.):
- Fixed a bug (that came with 1.2) which caused switches not changed visually.
Update 1.3 (2011.11.09.):
- Fixed broken Update Notify System.
Update 1.2 (2011.11.09.):
- Some clean-up and changes in the script for speed (when settings panel open).
Update 1.1 (2011.11.08.):
- New settings panel layout, more space for future options.
- (NEW) Update notify system, the "i" glow white and update info appear on the settings panel when new version available. (the update system uses this deviantArt page for checking)
- (NEW) Option to turn off the glow effect when QuickPin enabled
- (NEW) Option to turn off auto check for update.
- (NEW) Fade transition for the song title and artist when track changes.
- Redesigned iTunes Icon
- Bugfixes in the code
Update 1.0 (2011.10.26.):
- Refined the bar border (looks more like the Launchpad folders border).
- Removed a gradient from the background.
- Fine tuned the shadow in the bar.
- Minor visual changes on the quick pin icon.
- Minor code fix for the quick pin button.
- Added 1-2 second glow indication when Quick Pin enabled.
Update 0.9 (2011.10.25.):
- Refined album art border.
- Changed default settings. (auto hide after: 4s, slide speed: 0.2s)
Update 0.8 (2011.10.24.):
- (NEW) Quick Pin function

Click on the albumart to Pin the bar. Click again to Unpin it. (Only available when "Auto Hide" Setting enabled)
Update 0.7 (2011.10.21.):
- Script cleaning-fixing (and fixed a bug that came with 0.6)
Update 0.6 (2011.10.21.):
- Small delay (0.5s) to show the bar when the mouse is on the left screen edge to avoid unwanted slide in
- Minor title and artist text re-position
Update 0.5 (2011.10.21.):
- Settings panel now have two scroll buttons on lower resolution to access all settings
Update 0.4 (2011.10.20.):
- Fixed a bug that may caused the controls to stay shown even if the mouse was not over the bar.
Update 0.3 (2011.10.20.):
- Bowlet shows up when you move mouse to left edge of the screen
Update 0.2 (2011.10.20.):
- Fixed auto-size bug (hopefully)
- (NEW) Spring-like effect to contents
- (NEW) Settings panel
- some minor cosmetic change

Watch it in action(youtube links):
version 0.1 -> [link]
version 0.2-0.8 -> [link]


  • Animated auto show/hide

  • Auto position to the left

  • Auto sizing for every resolution

  • Hover with mouse to show controls

  • Icon to show iTunes

  • Click on the Album art to Pin the Bar. Click again to Unpin it. (Only works when "Auto Hide" Setting enabled)

(Tip: if you want to hide it immediately, just move your mouse over the bar and then move out.)

- Repeat, Shuffle buttons (when repeat function in Bowtie gets fixed - it's broken now)

Note: title and artist text style may be different a little, related to your Bowtie version. (I recommend Bowtie 1.4beta)
© 2011 - 2021 nyolc8
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pixelated-texan's avatar
Nice to know MacOS Mojave didn't break this.
ben22eyes's avatar
Yosemite-hoz hozzaigazitott valtozat nem lesz? :) 
TheMachineSucker's avatar
For windows or mac?
nyolc8's avatar
This is a Bowtie skin. Bowtie is for OSX. So this is for OSX.
I'd like to place it by the right side, I have Snow Leopard and Notification Center is not a problem, any chance we can get that feature?
The best theme ever!!! Just one problem, with apple's new natural scrolling the scrolling to change volume become reversed. It would be great if there was an option to reverse the scrolling for volume feature, or at least you could say where in the code someone can change it.
Keep up the good work
nyolc8's avatar
Thankyou! :) The scroll-volume feature is not theme related, it's built-in in Bowtie itself, so I can't do anything for that. Ask Bowtie developers to make an option to reverse the volume scrolling.
TeaAndACheshireSmile's avatar
Love this theme so far :) By far my favourite. Just two small issues -

1. When I press skip, it skips 2 songs ahead
2. When I pause my music, I have to unpause it via iTunes or the bar stops working
nyolc8's avatar
What version of iTunes and what version of bowtie are you using? Because I never had these problems...
TeaAndACheshireSmile's avatar
According to my mac, iTunes 10.6.3 and Bowtie 1.5. Have I missed an update perhaps?
nyolc8's avatar
Maybe you should try to update iTunes to the latest 10.7 version. I don't remember what was the oldest iTunes I tested this on.
METAL95HEAD's avatar
This is amazing! You should add a hand gesture to access it. Like the hand gesture for the Notification Centre on Mountain Lion, but instead of coming from the right, coming from the left of the trackpad.
METAL95HEAD's avatar
How do I install this?
ivanymathias's avatar
hi, i dont know much about this, but why i cant install Bowtie in MountainLion?? im trying to download fron Softpedia but appear a warning tellin than safari not trust in and dont let me did the download. thank you!! :(

nyolc8's avatar
Don't download it from softpedia, download it from the official site: [link] :)
ivanymathias's avatar
you are a Master man, you are a great designer. I m ejoing this BowtieBar!!! :D
lafemmme's avatar
I love this theme but once installed, it is way too large. This also happens to certain Bowtie themes that I installed. Any help?
nyolc8's avatar
What resolution you have? It is designed to min 1920x1080, sorry.
lafemmme's avatar
1280x800. That must explain why they display that way. Thank you, I didn't have a clue.
PaRen's avatar
very nice~~
love how professional this looks! any chance you could add the icon image for spotify like you have for iTunes?
Is there any way to have this pin to the left site?
Totally butchered that comment it should read: is there any way to pin the bar to the right side of the screen? I keep my dock on the left side and this interferes with it, but I really like this theme.
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