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By nyolc8
My new Windows 7 Wallpaper
New Resolution: 1920x1200

>>>NEW: 1920x1200

Hope you like it!
© 2009 - 2021 nyolc8
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Man your good at making walls!
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please do the black version at the bottom!
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The best Wall in Word

My Desktop:
i want to see 2560 x 1440!!^^
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Man where the black that one looks awesome can you release both the blue and black in 2560x1600.

Great windows 7 logo wallpaper.
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I like the black one(preview) :)
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really nice if you could please teach that!
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Jó kis ké;pek gratu:)!
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This looks great, thanks
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these look great on my desktop, well done :)
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I saw the wallpapers, and are fine with respect to brightness.

it was only the preview. :)
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Not bad! but the shine of the Seven Logo, does not seem real, needs more inclined at the top of the number 7.

But this very well, I leave you a link to see what I mean.

Wallpaper 7 Starter Edition by CaHilART: [link]
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They're all computer monitor resolutions except for 1920x1080...

Show the 24" users some love
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I had time :D
Redownload it. 1920x1200 included
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When i made this, i made it to myself.. and my monitor resolution is 1920x1080... after that I shrink it to another resolutions... Thats why there isn't that resolution. But when I have time, I will make it.
Nice and clean, but I'd like it not reversed, just like the logon screen, with the leaf in the right side.
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great work
very nice
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