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Painted Blue

Some painted lady x blue spirit for patreon! c: 
kinda funny to post zutara again after so many years on here since it's what got me drawing in the first place hah

And here's a time-lapse video!

[tumbr] [patreon]
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I hear ships of Zutara and I'm not so sure I'm into it, but I love the this image.

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Do you have anywhere this print can be purchased? I found this picture years ago when i did my painted lady cosplay and got a friend of mine at the time to cosplay the blue spirit, was just so inspired by this picture!

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I heckin' LOVE this! I wish this ship woulda been done instead.

PrayerGirl1's avatar
I love this ship!!
Mrsagreen's avatar
This is so beautiful!
Minagi-Mikoto's avatar
My dear Zutara!!! :love:
bilingualcat's avatar
Great drawing! I wish I can draw as well as you.
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This is absolutely gorgeous.
Brautiful program you used?
TaNa-Jo's avatar
omg more? O_O

love it

- Tara xD
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*dies* I can't deal! AAAUUGGHHasdlfkjalskdjfkalsf :love:
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I love zutara, you are my hero!
evil0verlady's avatar
You did an incredible job!:wow:
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 I finally found it here on DeviantART, I saw it in Google Images awhile ago... I was so freaking happy. This is beautiful, like... wow. 
maddypatty222's avatar
Even though I don't like this pairing, the art is beautiful! Love it!!
Dawn-Lilly16's avatar
This is amazing cute and beautiful... Loving it :)
Cor-Draco's avatar
Vamprincess101's avatar
actually dead here, omfg this is the epitome of beauty >o<
SarcasticLeaves's avatar
Gorgeous:heart:! I love this so much!
The-Light-of-Reason's avatar
Oh wow, your art is so gorgeous! I love the color palette here, and the way they're looking at each other...eeeeeee Love 
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
I still ship it, even as I love Tenzin and Aang's legacy.
jbrand5's avatar
Simply stunning. I've enjoyed your artwork for years now and somehow you always find a way to top your previous work.
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