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April 16, 2012
Lemondrop by ~nymphont
Featured by Elandria
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(Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic)
TrueType Font Family By Lauren Thompson, Nymphont
Contains 386 characters

Free for personal use /Commercial use requires a donation
Donate: [link]

Donations can be made through PayPal to as well

More fonts & goodies @ my blog: [link]
© 2012 - 2021 nymphont
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nice, there are polish symbols, thank u. :))
Goodnight-Melbourne's avatar
Great work! but
Commercial projects means?
And both commercial and personal use would need donation?
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♥ greatness!
nymphont's avatar
Thanks so much :D I am glad you like it :D
sassyholly's avatar
i would donate if i had any money at all! haha love the font though lovely! <3 :heart:
nymphont's avatar
Aww, that is so sweet. It means a lot to me :D I am glad you like it! :D
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So cool.

Really nice font.

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I think this is really cute. I really like it. Sadly, when I insert it in Microsoft Word 2010, it doesn't look too neat/fluently (I don't know how to explain, I hope you'll understand) is there anyway it can be improved? Do I do something wrong? xD
nymphont's avatar
Hmmm,I wish I could see what you mean. Does it do this/appear like this in other programs as well? Any more information you can provide would be greatly appreciated, I would like to make any improvement to prevent this. Thanks so much.
Naevia-Faeleth's avatar
I don't know what other programs there are to try...
I only know that I have this problem in Word 2010.
The edges do not look that smooth as other fonts. It looks for me like there are very very little gaps/inlets/bits cut out, and on other places there is a little too much.
I think it is unfortunate, because I really like your design.

I uploaded a picture of what it looks like in my Word:
In very big fonts it looks okay and Tellural at 14 has it too.
I hope you can find a solution, that'd be wonderful :)
nymphont's avatar
Perhaps because the fonts only have greyscale "hinting" and no special hinting instructions. Thank you for your help. I will see what I can do about improving them.
Naevia-Faeleth's avatar
Hm I have no idea what hinting is but I hope you can fix it. Let me now if/when you fixed it. :D
nymphont's avatar
Sorry about that, hinting is the advanced instructions given to a font that enables it to look good as smaller sizes (basically). FontCreator (the program I used to make Lemondrop and Tellural primarily) is not capable of making these instructions/giving them to fonts, so I left them out as I have done with many other fonts of mine and had good results) But this does not really explain the other issues you mention. I will thoroughly look into the display issues, and I will let you know when I have improved them. Thanks so much for your help & the screen capture.
Naevia-Faeleth's avatar
Ooh, I see! But what do you mean by 'this does not really explain the other issues' because isn't it just the hinting that gives the fonts rough edges? No problem at all. I am glad I've been some help. It's nice of you that we may use your fonts for free, and that with such nice ones. Although at least for me there are some issues unfortunately.
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It could explain the other issues as well, but other, such as mean the missing/or cut-off appearance, and the unevenness of some can also have other causes as well so this is what I will investigate.

I am sorry for your difficulty with them, but I do truly appreciate your understanding, and your kindness in contacting me with your insights. Hopefully I can remedy the issues you've pointed out to me with an update to the font. Will let you know! Ty!
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Wait, you had a page here? I'll link to this too then! I had no idea. :)
Sparkling-Soda's avatar
Very nice! I'll use this for something, I'm sure!
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Thanks so much :D If do do end up using it on any of your submissions, feel free to let me know so I can add your work to my collection [link]
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Ello. I used this here: [link]

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Right on, it's been faved, thanks for sharing!
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