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LT Oksana 6.0

By nymphont
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LT Oksana -Font Family
Regular, Regular Italic, Bold, Bold Italic
Version 6.0 - TrueType - By Lauren Thompson

Free for personal use
Commercial use requires a PayPal donation


Donations can be made through PayPal to as well

Updated June 2012. Updates include many more characters, (bringing the total number of glyphs to 643 in total) new ranges include Cyrillic, Greek and extended Latin.

Also notable is the improved new italic style and more pronounced and improved bold weight.

More fonts & goodies visit my blog:
© 2009 - 2021 nymphont
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Beautiful work here!
Thank you very match nymphont for
LT Oksana 6.0!
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Thank you for sharing ,but I think there's a bug when I type Cyrillic character "з" as lower case, it always turns to be "в",but when I type "З"as capital letter ,it turns normally,can you fix that?
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This has to be one my favourite font of all times!! +favlove It's so amazing! I saw your Happy Phantom font here on DA and really liked it. Then I went to your blog and saw this one and inmediately felt in love with it!! La la la la Thank you so much for creating this amazing font & making it available for all of us. Looking forward to use it. :happybounce: 
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This is simply fantastic work. Thank you for sharing!!!
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I love the lines and shapes, thank you. Nod  [Link]
Very cool font! Thank you Nymphont!w00t! 
I loved it, what was your drive to create oksana? It cries out a strong intention.
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Thank you so much :D
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It's a bit of a cheat but I re-jigged the poster into an opposing piece, once again I linked in your incredibly useful fonts, you can find it here [link] Thanks!
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Hi Nymphont, thanks very much for the cool font. I used it here [link] hope you like it.
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Thanks so much for sharing your work with me, I love it! :D
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Thanks for the great font!!! As well as all the symbols...It quite bothers me when I'm using a font that doesn't have all the extras =)
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You are welcome, I am glad you like it. Thank you :D
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It's really nice, I love it!
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Thanks so much, I am so glad to hear that :D
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wow, this is one of my favorite fonts that I have used since last year... I didn't know who made it. glad I do now.
It's excellent! :heart: thank you!
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You are very welcome of course, thanks so much! :D I am glad to hear that you like the font. It is one I am very fond of myself. Ty :hug:
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Great font!
Thanks for making those great ones :)
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Thanks so much :D
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I always wanted to do some fonts myself, but... ugh, how do you do that?! >_<
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Hi there, sorry for my very (understatement) reply, I used FontCreator from to make my first fonts and I still use it (in addition to FontLab) today. They have a free trial version you can download on their website. It's great for beginners too. Cheerio!
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Thanks for sharing this great font! I used it here: [link]
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