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LT Chickenhawk Font

LT Chickenhawk
TrueType Font By Lauren Thompson (Nymphont/Nymfont)
More details on this font here: [link]

**Now With Uppercase
**Many more new characters also added, 344 glyphs in totall
**Extra Heart characters can be seen and added by using the character map.

Free for personal use
Commercial use requires a PayPal donation

Donations can be made through PayPal to as well as via the button located on the following page : [link]

More fonts & goodies @ my blog: [link]
© 2009 - 2021 nymphont
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Ótimo, muito obrigado!
ur font is really nice..
can u plz put it up in alphabets?
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i like it 
-Thanks you so much

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i really like it. thank you so much
MillyLam's avatar
I really love your font :) Very cute and unique :)
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I don't think I've seen this one before. Really cool style. I do wonder though if it's necessary to let some letters go beyond the x-height, or make some letters extra condensed. The style of typeface already seems playful enough. For this reason I think the capitals work better, but I must admit the lowercase creates an attractive texture. Beautiful presentation as well.
nymphont's avatar
I was worried that I would not be able to create capitals that would suitably match the lowercase well enough, so I am glad to here that (even alone) you find that they work well.

This was one of my first typeface designs, it was just something I envisioned and felt I just had to make, and I am glad that I did.

Thanks for your kind words on it, and on the presentation. I kept in mind what you had said about making use of the space available with a larger preview image, and I made this one a bit larger than I customarily would have. :)
MartinSilvertant's avatar
Ahh that's why the image showed up. I was wondering why I got an update while the font appeared to be quite old. So did you add the capital letters now as well, or did you just replace the presentation?
nymphont's avatar
Yes, I added the capital letters in this update, which necessitated the new presentation be made. Since the font previously only existed in lower-case only, I thought this update was substantial enough for "watchers," to receive notification.
MartinSilvertant's avatar
Ohh definitely. Even with just a new presentation I appreciate the update.
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Sorry to be a-aittle bit of a newbie but..
How do you use text from notepad to put onto a
'piece of art'? Such as your preview and ~CantankerousCupcake ?
nymphont's avatar
Sorry for my delay in replying, and also, I am not sure exactly what you mean / what you are asking...
CantankerousCupcake's avatar
Lovely font! I used it here (I hope that's okay!): [link]
nymphont's avatar
Of course it's okay, I am so glad you chose to use it & that you've shared your work with me. Thank you!
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cute! thanks
nymphont's avatar
nymphont's avatar
You are welcome!
BlackSheep6's avatar
it's adorable, thanks :)
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You are very welcome, thank you! :D
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Wow, this really helped my school assignment ^^ thank you
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