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Happy Phantom Font Family

Happy Phantom - Complete Font Family (Normal, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic)
Updated 4/09/12

Free for personal use, commercial use requires a PayPal donation email me at if you need assistance. Donate: [link]

More fonts & Goodies at my site [link]
© 2009 - 2021 nymphont
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Gracias me gusta
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Thanks It's very pretty
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You're on a roll. Great job here.
mo0nsiilycutelazy's avatar
I Like It : ))
Thanks You : *
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I Like ^^ Thank You :) (Smile) 
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I like it ! Thank's :-)
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A very friendly-looking font! Makes me want to smile :)
I used it in a printed version (non-commercial) of this [link].
Thank you for creating it!
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this is beautiful i might use it for my layout header on my website. :)
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Thanks so much :D
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youre welcome c: its a great font cx
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love it! Very nice!
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Thanks so much :D
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I just love the lower case 'a' in this font - it jumped out at me the first time i saw it, like a cartoon duck or something! Very happy work :)
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Right on, it reminds me of a duck too! Thanks so much :D
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