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Aver Font

Has been updated since earlier submission:
New file download enabled and added 5/28/12
Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic
By and © Lauren Thompson, Nymphont

Free for personal use, may be used commercially with a PayPal donation. Donate to email or via the donate button on my website [link]

Contains 748 glyphs in total, the preview image updated 5/28/12 shows many

Please feel free to comment, ty!

More fonts & goodies @ my blog: [link]
© 2012 - 2021 nymphont
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Very beautiful! Thank you ♥
Otnemit's avatar
Great detailed work! I like this font specially in smaller sizes.
I've been looking for a good font for my Kindle for several months now, and it looks like I've finally found it! 

I am seriously impressed. Aver is both classic and sexy.
UltraNoire's avatar
But how do i use st and ct ligatures?
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devilprae's avatar
Very nice. Thanks a lot
nymphont's avatar
Thanks so much, I am glad you like it :D
AngeSkye's avatar
Great :D And they are polish letters. Thanks
nymphont's avatar
Thank you! I hope that I have made the Polish letters well! :D
AngeSkye's avatar
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Yes :D Thanks again :D
odiumediae's avatar
Fantastic Work! I like how the lining figures still slightly vary in height, and the et ligature looks almost physically sexy. You surely did not waste the three years.
nymphont's avatar
Thank you :) I made the lining figures more like old style figures, I am glad you like them. And I did take a few breaks in the work on this but from start to finish, three years transpired :) Glad you like it :)
mrsPella's avatar
Beautiful! So many great glyphs to work with and I especially like the numerals and ligatures. Excellent work; two thumbs up!
nymphont's avatar
Thanks so much :)
kkht311's avatar
Excellent font.


nymphont's avatar
Thanks so much :)
pica-ae's avatar
Oh, wow that is looking awesome :love: and so many glyphs :faint:
Very elegant and I like how the numbers are done in old style (I forgot the proper name for it… lol)

The only thing that jumped to my eye was the ä; the dots seem a bit off center/hanging to the right too much. Feels like it might be better if they moved just a tiny bit over to the left, tiny tiny bit :B
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Thanks so much, perhaps on an update I could work on the alignment of diacritical marks. I appreciate the advice. :D
trixi-b's avatar
Looks like you paid attention to the details carefully, nice work! I especially like the Q and the @. Also plus points for the old style figures (I'm not sure if that's correct in English) and the double acute accents :D It's so frustrating when I find a good font, but there are no accented letters.
nymphont's avatar
Thanks so much :) Yeah, I like doing the @ symbol like that in my typefaces :) I have received a few comments about it, I am glad people have noticed it. I try to include as many accents and extra characters as possible, it is hard though because in my native English we don't use them. :)
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